10 Awesome Office Skate Ramps

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In 2014 The Huffington Post argued, “Millennials are rewriting the rules of the workplace.” As the website acknowledged, this is partly because of a YOLO – you only live once – attitude, but it’s also down to the fact that people born after the early 1980s tend to desire a lot of integration between “work” and “life.” A recent study by the Intelligence Group, for example, found that 88 percent of Generation Y workers favor a collaborative occupational environment, while almost three quarters would like to work flexibly.

Arguably, companies such as Google, Facebook and Red Bull have responded accordingly, creating offices that showcase elements like slides, ping-pong tables and funky chill-out rooms. The former corporation believes that such an approach “encourage[s] interactions” across teams and departments, in addition to “spark[ing] conversation about work as well as play.” But what could be more playful yet potentially energizing than an in-house skate park?

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Here we take a look at ten incredible office skate ramps; from fully functional facilities that Tony Hawk would be proud of, to quirky skate-inspired – and potentially skatable – features that likely boost workplace morale.