10 Business Leaders Pumping Big Money Into Cheating Death


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Some of the world’s wealthiest businesspeople are challenging the notion that death is inevitable. How? By exploring what are to some minds outlandish notions such as cryonics and human-like avatars. And while such ideas may sound a little on the wacky side, they’re nevertheless being taken seriously enough to have hundreds of millions of dollars pumped into their development. Indeed, with the help of expert scientists and cutting-edge research facilities, the following ten business leaders are spending notable chunks of their fortunes on cheating death – be it by finding ways to beat age-related diseases or by investigating the possibility of immortality. Some, it seems, are driven by discovering a “cure” for death, while others are working on ways to improve quality of life; all, though, are united by a desire to confront the Grim Reaper head on.