10 Companies that Inspired Hate Websites

Creating a website takes work. Doing one pro bono, based on your passionate hatred of a company, means something about that organization really inspired you.

Many of the websites below have to do with bad treatment or a bad working experience with a company. Many were created before the era of Yelp, Twitter and Consumerist. Makes you appreciate the work that used to go into complaining about a company, doesn’t it?


Image: The truth or the fight

Monsanto built its reputation on producing high-quality aspartame, DDT, and Agent Orange. That was half a century ago. Today, Monsanto’s modern fleet of industrial products include patented seeds and animals. If they remind you of Mordor, you’re not alone.


Image: Comcast Sucks

If a union and this angry-looking hippy guy hate it, why can’t you? Of course, it could have something to do with spotty service, slow customer responses, and habit of trying to control Internet access, too.

CSX Railroad

Image: CSX Sucks

This website has been around and active for quite a while. In that time frame, it doesn’t look like anyone’s complaints about this railroad company have changed much.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Image: Failing Enterprise

I’m not a frequent customer of Enterprise, so I’m not familiar with the company’s wrongdoings. According to the person who created Failing Enterprise, customer service there is “appalling,” they overcharge you, make you wait, and haven’t been honest all the time. That’s quite a list.


Image: The Mod Shop

Choosing a cell phone service provider is like being hungry at a stale buffet. You need the food, you’re going to eat it, but it all kind of sucks. Few people truly love Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other big provider. But a fair number hate them. Interestingly enough, the carrier with the most obvious hate site was Verizon.


Image: Untied

If you’re awestruck by United’s, err, mixed level of service, you’re not alone. In my own United experience, I’ve had a plane delayed for 10 hours because someone loaded it so badly that it tipped onto its tail. I’ve seen people nearly riot because the airline chose to strand its customers rather than paying for a shuttle bus like all the other airlines. One time, United lost my friend’s baggage and my friend. I’m not surprised that Untied is one of the most elaborate critical sites out there.

Bank of America

Image: Bank of America Sucks

The case could be made that most banks suck right now. Apparently, Bank of America sucks enough to make someone create this complaint forum.


Image: PayPal Sucks

PayPal has angered quite a few people. Something to do with having your account suspended despite being honest. I guess PayPal pre-empted big banks on that move. This site has a complete summation of the many reasons PayPal is no bueno.


Image: I Hate Starbucks

Starbucks: Love it or hate it, like the guy who started this website. His reasons? “The coffee sucks and they are everywhere.” Fair enough, but why hate them for it? He says they underpay their labor despite a 59% average profit margin per store. Many workers don’t receive benefits because they work just under 20 hours/week. Their products are unhealthy. They are fake. You get the gist.


Image: Hate Walmart

Some people hate Wal-Mart out of principle. Others are former frequent shoppers jaded on bad treatment. Still others are unhappy employees. Wal-Mart hatred, it turns out, is as diverse as the many products the store sells.

  • Dave

    Here’s #11 (buyer beware!): http://stopdcca.wordpress.com/

  • Indiana Welfare Privatization Horrific

    Affiliated Computer Services, for $profit$ company, has created many of the core issues. They lack ethical standards of responsibility and accountability
    which derives from the top corporate management and oozes down to middle and lower management. Their management staffs are deficient and uncommitted in identifying the fundamental problems. Politics is dominant in upper and middle management, and middle mangers make arbitrary decisions and usually do not suffer the consequences. Nor are they held responsible for the mess. In other words, the exploitation and castigation of those working any position other some form of management will continue. The operative assumption should be that someone, somewhere, has a better idea; and the operative compulsion is to find out who has that better idea, learn it, and put it into action to find
    initiatives to improve client services, total claim results, operational efficiency, and staff retention.
    An effective organizational structure that would facilitate working relationships between the various entities and have a set order and control that would enable monitoring of all processes. Using a divisional structure indisputably isn’t working. A Matrix type program would be evidently a more considerable approach.
    Our Brothers and our Sisters so desperately are in need of services. They are being denied their right of benefits in a fallible process. Their subsistence is being raped by corporate greed; our people waiting 4 months for food and our people waiting 6 months for health coverage. This company has fabricated their reports while those in my church congregation suffer and our neighbors and our
    children suffer. It’s as bad as the man that began approaching a widow in the congregation for money. Indubitably GROSS NEGLIGENCE.