10 Google Analytics Metrics Your Business Needs To Be Tracking

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Google Analytics and your Business

You’ve paid a developer to launch your brand new website, you’ve put careful care into the content that has been developed for your web platform and you’ve launched with some successful messages. Now that you have your website up and running, tracking visitors, determining engagement levels, and figuring out how to drive more readers and buyers has never been more important.

Thankfully Google Analytics makes it very easy for first-time web users and internet pros to track user engagement and develop a plan that can lead to highly successful product and service pages.

These 10 Google Analytics metrics are an absolute must for your business. We will start with the basics and you can use your own creativity to further develop your own business plans based on what you learn about your audience.

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  • James,

    These are all fantastic suggestions. Google Analytics can be so confusing with the newest layout and the difficulty in finding keywords. Google continues to push us to use Analytics in new ways that can ultimately help our businesses. I try to grind into the pages and resources that are getting the most search traction. If people are finding the page in Google search it is likely the case they are searching for an answer. I will go into that particular page and attempt to make it better for my visitors.

    Once again, thanks for this great piece and all the suggestions.

    Andy Green