10 Halloween Costumes that will Make Your Wallet Scream in Terror

While hunting for expensive Halloween costumes, I figured there was a boutique or two that sold ridiculously pricey get-ups. There were–but they did not remotely measure up to the cornucopia of wallet-killing disguises on eBay. These designer dress-ups make the usual $40 costume look like a screaming deal:

1. Human Slinky: $182,000.00

This costume would make a great investment–if you live in it for the next 20 years.

2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula: $2,650.00

This package features Keanu Reeves’ “Jonathan Harker” coat in the 1992 film Dracula. Additional items include Gary Oldman’s chair back, the second draft of the Dracula screenplay, and a handful of movie cards.

What exactly you would be in this costume remains unclear. If you feel you could pull off being the screenwriter dressed as Jonathan Harker sitting in Gary Oldman’s chair, this costume is for you.

3. Batman: $2,000.00

Latex, kevlar, and a velvet cape make this outfit a contest-winner–if you can afford it.

4. Gorilla with Cage: $1,500.00

This costume would be even cooler if you could trap real humans inside the cage.

5. Darth Vader: $1,000

This is not the actual costume sold at Austin’s Lucy in Disguise, but is probably close. Classic and creepy.

6. Stormtrooper: $749.98

Star Wars proves expensive, once again. This costume, combined with the Darth Vader costume above, would make an ideal Halloween getup for a rich, geeky couple.

7. Ringo Starr: $699

This bad boy cost a only few bucks in 1965. Ringo will have proved quite a good investment if he sells this Halloween.

8. Halo Ultimate Master Chief: $599.98

This costume provides the perfect excuse to beat up people dressed as aliens.

9. Corpse Bride: $599

Simply being a dead bride this Halloween–eg. buying a used bridal gown and putting on ghostly makeup–would be far cheaper than being the Corpse Bride.

10. Roman Soldier: $595

Steel, brass, and leather composition make this costume acutely uncomfortable as well as expensive.

I’m sticking to the thrift store.

  • Human slinky = creeepy.

  • gizzanator

    the human slinky is cool

  • Aires

    “Steel, brass, and leather composition make this costume acutely uncomfortable”

    You’ve evidently not worn similar. It’s weighty, but not particularly uncomfortable. Unless you’re wearing it for a day and moving non-stop, of course.

  • anonz

    how much does a gorilla suit cost? if its less than $1000 (which im almost positive it is) you could make that stupid gorilla cage costume very easily. just stuff the half of the suit you’re not wearing.

    this shit is over priced and stupid

  • bob

    Tip: go from 10 to 1, that way people don’t get bored after reading the first entry.

  • this is cool i like the batsuit and it is expensive huh i wish they would lower the price at least a little because at least that’s how i like it even more better!