10 People with Real Superhuman Powers

As kids, we all wanted to grow up to be superheros. For most of us, our dreams were swiftly crushed when we learned about the harsh realities of cubicles and button-down shirts, but some were able to fulfill their dreams — albeit accidentally. Here are 10 people who have real superhuman powers.

Super Brain

Daniel Tammet is like a much less annoying version of the Rainman. While one will constantly complain about missing Judge Wapner and airlines, Daniel can actually harness his abilities because he’s not Dustin Hoffman. He learned Icelandic in record time and can calculate pi past 22,000 digits. He still does not, however, understand the plot of Inception. No one does.

The Eating Man

Michel Lotito was known to be able to eat almost anything during his show: metal, glass, rubber and even that sandwich you left in the fridge that now looks like squishy cake. From 1978 to 1980 he ate a Cessna piece by piece. He was actually done in 1979, but had to wait on the tarmac an extra year.

World’s Loudest Woman

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Pay attention fellas. You probably don’t want to meet Jittarat Wongsomboom on e-Harmony anytime soon. You think your girlfriend won’t shut up? Jittaratat won a contest laughing for 12 minutes and 26 seconds at a peak volume of 110 decibels. The amazing thing is, she’s still less annoying than the women on The View.

The Ice Man

Wim Hof can withstand amazing cold. In temperatures well below freezing and colder than the reception of a fat chick at the Jersey Shore house, he can go jogging in his underwear. Finally, someone that can make sweet love to the Nordic Ice Queen and not get his naughty bits frost bitten. Shh! No one tell Oprah. 

One-Man Blue Man Group

Paul Karason is known as “The Blue Man”. A medical treatment turned his skin blue and let everyone believe that Papa Smurf can exist. How will he fight crime with this superpower? Well, he could hide in a blueberry patch or surprise villains that are committing crimes near the vats at the windshield wash factory.

The Sleepless Man

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Every have trouble falling asleep? Thai Ngoc has had trouble for the last 33 years. After a fever in 1973, the 64 year-old Vietnamese man never slept. Could he still be worried that Jay Leno will never leave the Tonight Show? Or that the Cubs will never will the World Series? One thing is for sure, renewing American Idol for another season isn’t going to help.

Super Strength

Mark Phillipy is well known on the strongman competition circuit and for good reason. Besides being able to crush your head like a grape and probably steal your girlfriend with little or no resistance from you, Phillipy can move 85 times his own weight. Scientist call this, “Being really, really strong.” He may have some competition in 18 years (or less) with this kid. This German baby was born with massive muscles, meaning he’s going to crush Mark and/or star in sequels to the Terminator.

Magnetic Powers

Liew Thow Lin is a 70 year-old retired construction worker in Malaysia. And while he hasn’t made an enemy of the X-man yet, he has appeared on several TV specials documenting his amazing powers. He can even use his powers to pull a car, which must come in handy when the old folks shuttle gets stuck in the mud. Whatever you do, if he asks for a knife, don’t toss it to him.


He doesn’t fight crime (yet). Nor is he likely to have his life made into a terrible Ben Affleck movie (let’s hope). Born blind, Ben Underwood uses clicks, kind of like a dolphin, to navigate using a kind of self-taught sonar. He’s even used it to beat his friends at video games, which means he is either amazing or his friends are really, really lame.

Pyrokensis Master

A Chinese doctor can do something his Western counterparts cannot. No, it’s not making you wait in the waiting room less than 40 minutes and no, he doesn’t have anything better to read than Redbook. By practicing the ancient Chinese art of Qigong, the doctor can create heating pads by focusing his energy on them. Sadly, he cannot make Health Insurance Companies disappear.