10 Pioneering Entrepreneurs Who Became Daredevil Adventurers

Lead for Daredevil Entrepreneurs - Richard Branson

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Successful entrepreneurs are likely to have been through a lot – from the stress of financial uncertainty, to putting in a ridiculous number of hours getting their ideas off the ground. However, for the happy few who make it big, all the risk is, ultimately, absolutely worth it.

This being said, the “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” proverb seems to apply to enterprising businesspeople, too, in that corporate achievements aren’t always enough. The following ten pioneering entrepreneurs-turned-daredevils, for example, have all shared an intense appetite for adventure.

From record-setting flights to sailing hall of fame honors, their collective daredevil accolades rival even their hugely impressive business accomplishments. That said, in some cases these thrill-seeking exploits have prematurely ended the entrepreneurs’ fast-paced lives.