10 Reasons Your Boss Hates You


We’ve all been there; a job well done that brings a condescending scowl. The “leader” who tries to minimize our contributions in meetings. The manager who acts like we don’t even exist. But why do they do it? Well there are many reasons that bosses can’t stand their subordinates and most of them, annoyingly, make some kind of sense from their perspective. Here are 10 reasons that your boss might hate you and why they might be right:

You Do Incredibly Good Work


Bosses are human. They, just like you, worry about keeping their jobs and feeding their families. When they find that somebody a bit lower on the ladder does incredible work; they begin to worry that that person is soon going to pull them off their perch and take their job. If they’re not worried about that – because you make them look good – they worry that somebody else will lure you away (could be a competitor but it could be another manager in your company) and you’ll start making them look good instead. You can’t win.

Your Work Sucks


If you find that your boss hates you – there may be a very simple reason for this; your work sucks. We’re never our best critics and if there are signs that you’re underperforming – your boss will loathe you for it. You make their job harder by making others carry the weight that you’re not carrying. You breed dissatisfaction in the team and your boss has to deal with the fallout. That’s a pretty good reason to dislike someone.

Your Big Mouth


Bosses are people. Nobody likes to find out that they’re the talk of the town, especially when that talk involves an endless litany of allegations of incompetence. If you run your mouth in every corner of the organization about your lousy boss – they will hear about it. Then they’ll start to distrust you and distrust breeds contempt. You only have yourself to blame for this.

Your Boss’s Boss is a Bully


There are a fair number of people who rise to the level of their incompetence through force of personality. Once they arrive –they take their frustrations out on everyone around them. S**t , as they say, rolls downhill. If your boss’s boss is a tyrannical monster – there’s a good chance that your boss is learning from them. There’s not much you can do about that.

Your Boss is Dumber Than You


Nobody likes a smart ass. In particular nobody likes having a report that they have to rely on to get by. There are a lot of dinosaur bosses who stopped learning the day they entered the corporate arena – then they find that they need their junior team members to carry them for their lack of knowledge. They hate this and by association, they hate you for it too.

Your Boss Has No Sense of Humor


There’s nothing worse than an unfunny boss; except the employee who refuses to go along with their “jokes”. If you’ve ever seen the British version of The Office then you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t seen it – watch it, cringe and then recognize the awfulness of being on the outside. Just feign laughter at a few jokes and you’ll be out of the bad books and into a personal hell of shame instead.

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Your Boss is Lonely


Popular team members can make a boss feel insecure. After all, they probably think it’s “lonely at the top” and it often is but only because so many bosses are incapable of managing without taking a giant dump over the people who work for them. But why should they suffer alone when they have you to take it out on? So there goes your social life if you want to resolve the issue.

Your Boss Has More Responsibilities Than You


We don’t mean in the workplace here; we mean outside of it. Of course, they have more to do at work but if they’re in their middle age and you’re a youngster – they probably have failing marriages, addiction problems, elderly parents, troublesome teenage children, insane levels of debt, etc. to deal with as well, when you don’t. Misery loves company and tonight you’re its date.

Your Boss Isn’t Dating as Much as You Do


Dating is a young person’s game in the main. It’s one of the blessings of the early part of life; finding out just how many people we’re not compatible with before marrying the person we’re least compatible with. It’s entirely possible your boss is in the phase of working out just how incompatible their partner is; while you flaunt your hopes and dreams for the future in front of them. Actually, come to think about it – we could be tempted to hate you too for this.

Your Boss Can’t Quit


One of the big freedoms of the early part of your career and your life is you don’t have to care very much. Sure, losing your job might be a bit of a pain but there are always plenty of other junior positions in the same field available. You can quit whenever you want to. Your boss, on the other hand, has nowhere else to go with their out-of-date skills and shabby resume. They’ve become a company lifer without knowing it and they envy your ability to walk whenever you want to.

How Do I Tackle My Hateful Boss?


You have a few options for dealing with a boss when their hate becomes unmanageable:

  1. You can look inside and see if there’s something you’re doing to cause the hate and if so, you might consider stopping
  2. You can look at your job and ask if you’re still getting anything out of it – if not, you can always quit
  3. You can go to your boss and say; “I feel like we’re having a communication breakdown. Can we talk about any issues you’re having with our relationship?” but be warned if they project hate and haven’t said anything; there’s a strong likelihood they’re incapable of expressing their feelings anyway
  4. You can go to HR or a senior manager to try and resolve the problem but this is guaranteed to make your boss hate you more – after all no-one likes a tattletale

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn is the Politics and Military & Defense Editor at BusinessPundit. She is a fiercely independent voter who believes in full transparency in politics & general government activities. You can reach her atOnlineDegree.com.