117 million LinkedIn emails and passwords have been stolen and are being sold

LinkedIn Data Breach and information from users for sale

A hacker has stolen 117 million LinkedIn email addresses and passwords and they are selling that data. The hacker who goes by the name “Peace” is selling the information to any interested bidders.

The hacker says the credentials were obtained during a LinkedIn data breach in 2012 that saw 6.5 million encrypted passwords posted online, according to Motherboard.

The data is available to anyone who is willing to pay 5 bitcoin or about $2,200.

To obtain the data users must log onto the Tor browser as the information is being hawked through the “dark web.”

LinkedIn told Motherboard that it was investigating, but could not confirm whether the data was authentic. The social enterprises company wasn’t sure how many users were affected by the data breach.

Motherboard was able to confirm with victims of the attack that at least three email and password combinations were legitimate.

It’s believed that the data breach wasn’t taken seriously enough by users in 2012. Researchers believe a small group of Russians held onto the data and used it before it was finally leaked this week.

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Written by Franklin Simmons

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