12 Ways the Galaxy Note 7 Beats the iPhone


August 2016 may go down in history as the day Apple began to lose the smartphone wars. For the best part of a decade Apple has been smug in the knowledge that their handsets were just a cut above the rest. No more. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 this week; Apple is now firmly on the back foot. Here are 12 ways that the Galaxy Note 7 beats the iPhone:

The Iris Scanner


Fingerprint scanning just became old hat. It’s never been the best way to open a phone – slide your finger on the case; it’s just so… manual. With the Galaxy Note 7 there’s a built in Iris scanner and you can now open the open the phone with just a glance. That’s the kind of technological jump that we all love and early adopters will enjoy thrilling their friends with as they show off their new buy.

The S Pen


The S Pen has had a few ups and downs along the way but this generation appears to be just right. The large comfortable pen shaped stylus makes drawing on the screen incredibly easy. It’s perfect for doodling in a boring meeting or for designer’s to use as an impromptu sketching tool when their graphics pads are out of reach.



Samsung has partnered with Oculus Rift and that means your new phone is perfect for viewing and accessing virtual-reality content on. What’s more because Oculus is the premier name in VR, for the moment at least, it means you’ll get access to the widest amount of VR content too. If you want to make use of this facility – you’ll need to buy a Gear VR headset (approx. $99 on top of the cost of the phone).

Best in Class Camera


The camera used in the Note 7 is widely considered to be the best-in-class camera for all smartphones. That simply means that it takes better photos than the Apple phone does. Given how important smartphone photography has become in recent years – that’s a big deal and a great reason for Apple users to make the switch to the Note 7.

It’s Water Resistant


Water resistance is a big deal when you buy an expensive handset. Why? Because so many people end up dropping them in puddles or even in the lavatory. Many smartphones are water-resistant in that they can take a little splash with a few drops of water but the Galaxy Note 7 can be fully submerged in water and survive for up to half an hour!

The Big Screen and Small Footprint


The iPhone 6 Plus has a big screen but the Note 7’s is bigger. Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to handsets, after all it increases the size of the phone doesn’t it? Not this time round. The Note 7 has a bigger screen but a smaller overall footprint that the iPhone 6 Plus. You’ll find it goes in your pocket easier and is just a little easier to keep hold of too.

Low Cost Wireless Charging


The beauty of the Android ecosystem is that you’re not usually locked in to a manufacturer’s set of accessories. That’s the case with Galaxy Note 7 too and that means you can hook up the phone to any wireless charging pad (and not just Samsung’s) to get your battery charged without breaking the bank on a charger.

Extra Performance Charging


If you want faster charging you can always plug the Galaxy Note 7 into the wall or alternatively; you can go wild and buy Samsung’s wireless charger. Fully optimized for working with the Galaxy Note 7 it offers a small but significant performance boost over the generic wireless chargers.

Security and Privacy


One nice touch with the Galaxy Note 7 is that Samsung has recognized that there may be content on your phone that you don’t want to share with everyone. To make that easy for you – they’ve supplied a secure folder which can be unlocked through the iris scanner or using a touch screen passcode.

Use Whatever Headphones You Like


The current range of iPhones have a headphone jack in recognition of the fact that some people like to listen to music on their phones without paying a small fortune for wireless headphones. Sadly, when the iPhone 7 launches – it won’t have a headphone jack. The Samsung Note 7 does and that means even on the minor details; the Samsung is simply a better phone than the new Apple.

SD Card Expansion


The Galaxy Note 7 has an SD card slot and that means you can boost its already impressive storage capacity easily and cheaply. The onboard support is for up to a 256GB SD card and if that weren’t quite enough – during the launch phase of the Galaxy; they’ll be putting a free 256GB SD card in the box. So not only can you upgrade the phone but you can do it for no additional investment.

Heart Rate Sensor

maxresdefault (1)

The heart rate sensor on the back of the Samsung phone is kind of handy; sure it’s not going to sway many users between the two eco-systems but Samsung has one and Apple doesn’t and it’s another little benefit that may be of use in the long-term.


maxresdefault (2)

The design team at Samsung can feel justly proud of the Galaxy Note 7. It’s a genuine game changer and one where for the first time ever – Samsung’s ability to innovate has exceeded Apple’s. With no major changes anticipated in the iPhone 7; Samsung can rest, temporarily, on its laurels knowing it has the best smartphone on the market today.


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Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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