15 New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors to Celebrate the Financial Crisis

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15 New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors to Celebrate the Financial Crisis

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Ben & Jerry’s recently created a flavor called “Yes Pecan!” to celebrate Barack Obama. Here are a list of 15 flavors Ben & Jerry’s should use to honor the financial crisis:

15. Grape Depression

14. Cluster Fudge

13. Nut’n Accomplished

12. The Reese’s-cession

11. The Housing Crunch

10. Credit Crunch

9. Half Broke

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie (Sorry, we ran out of dough)

7. Bailout Berry Sorbet

6. New York Super Fudged Junk

5. Seven Trillion Layer Bar

4. Mint Fed Funk

3. Nougalar Financial Disaster

2. Neapolitan-Sized Mess

1. Bankers on the Run

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  • Laurence
    March 4, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Did you just make these up yourself? These names are pretty awesome. Bet you B&J could sell a ton of these if only for the bittersweet tone.

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