15 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

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A business idea can come out of the strangest situations or events in your life. Especially when times get tough financially and you need to find new and quick ways of making some additional capital. When the recession was at its highest in 2010, the world saw its highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in decades.

Starting a new business is one of the most riskiest things you can do financially. Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, and of those that make it, another 50% fail in the next few years after that. So what makes a business thrive? It’s all in the idea. We have seen successful businesses with great ideas. That makes sense. But here are 15 strange businesses doing well that you didn’t know existed.

Rent a Mourner


Rent a Mounter is a United Kingdom-based company that allows you to hire professional mourners to attend funerals and wakes. The company works with family members of a lost one to create a strategy of how the hired mourners should dress and act at the funeral. While it’s very bizarre that you would want complete strangers at your loved one’s funeral, Rent a Mounter promises to keep their cover under wraps.

Cuddle Party

Cuddle Party

Founded in 2004, Cuddle Party is a playful, social event designed for adults to explore boundaries, communication, affection, consent and non-sexual touch. The company hosts events all over the United States and Canada. The weirdest part about Cuddle Party is that you’re literally just touching and lying with a bunch of strangers.



If you’ve ever wanted to tell your friend that they smell without hurting their feelings, now you can. For a small price of $1.99, you can anonymously send your friend a cologne wipe in the mail. If you’re skeptical about getting caught, the company’s FAQ page states that the package is untraceable so your best bro will never know that it came from you.

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Written by Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson is the Strategy editor at Business Pundit. She writes articles that help business owners, executives, and employees better understand how to run a business and work as effective employees.