15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women–For Less Than $50

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean diamonds and designer lace–especially if you’re on a budget. The woman in your life will appreciate any number of well-chosen gifts, regardless of price tag. We compiled 15 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for women below. All of them cost less than $50.

Hanky Pankies

Many women are currently crazy about hanky pankies, stretch lace thong underwear touted to be the world’s most comfortable. Bonus: They look sexy, too.

Appearance polishers

Some stores offer special V-Day makeup gift packages, like this one from Sephora.

While women prefer to buy some makeup themselves, most will appreciate gift sets. Go for lip glosses, eye shadow color samplers like this one, or prepackaged makeup sets.

Gourmet chocolate

Chocolove chocolates come with a poem inside. Plus, they’re ridiculously good. Image: Chocolove

If your woman likes chocolate–most do–indulge her with a high-end confection. Such treats include truffles, salted caramels, or even bacon chocolate. Most high-end grocers sell them.

Pampering tools

This sugar lover’s set from Sephora costs $45.

Provide her with the right tools to pamper herself. Many stores sell shower gel, scrubs, masks, and other tools of the trade in packs or gift baskets.


This Frederick’s of Hollywood chemise facilitates sexy sleep for a mere $34.

This traditional Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to set you back much. Try a chemise or babydoll if you want something more subtle; go for a teddy and garters to get wild.

Massage gift certificate

Image: Thomas Wanhoff/Flickr

Some masseuses, especially those located in retail shops, offer massages for less than $50. She’ll appreciate the gift–and the relaxation it helps her attain.

Framed couples picture

This happy couple from The Onion shares antidepressants.

Find a nice picture of the two of you, then have it framed. Simple, budget-friendly, and she’ll love it.

Dance lesson

You may cringe at the thought of ballroom or salsa dancing, but this bullet is worth biting. By buying a class for the two of you, you’re showing her that you value her feminine fantasy more than your own mortal embarrassment. She’ll appreciate you for it.

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Potted plant

Image: US Candle Co.

While cut flowers die after a week, potted ones can keep blooming for months. Tulips, orchids, and daffodils should be available at your local grocery store. If you don’t know what her favorites are, defaulting to small potted roses is usually a safe bet.

Comfortable sleepwear

These Victoria’s Secret pajamas look sweet and sexy for under $40.

Pajamas can be sexy, too. And women love a good pair of comfortable, cute PJs. Victoria’s Secret usually has a good selection.

Cute carrying case

This bag from Barefoot Yoga keeps her yoga mat fashionably cloaked.

Your woman likes to look good. Help her make her stuff look nice, too, by finding a cute carrying bag. Any bag applies, from diaper bags to gym bags to yoga mat bags like the one above.


Scarves and stacked bracelets are among the “it” accessories to have right now–and blissfully cheap to get your hands on. ShySiren has lots of bejeweled purse hangers like the ones above (also trendy); look for other accessories in department stores.


This Juicy Couture candle combines scent with style (found at Sephora).

A high-quality scented candle (or votive set) can do a lot to lift a woman’s mood. Ask her what scents she likes best, then find good candles to give her.


Swarovski crystals are a happy thing.

It’s not a precious gem, but crystal can still make women ooh and aah. You can find crystal pendants, keychains, and bracelets for less than $50. Swarovski has one of the best selections.


Tried-and-true. A dozen red roses will probably cost more than $50 at the florist, so scour your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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