Free Shipping Day (Today) Offers Last-Chance Deal for Christmas Shoppers


Today is Free Shipping Day, another seasonal cyber-push to get you clicking away at purchases. 737 online merchants are participating; you can find a list of them here. Free Shipping Day especially benefits smaller retailers, according to the Christian Science Monitor:

“This is something for small businesses,” says Luke Knowles of, the group organizing Free Shipping Day. “In the current state of the economy, a lot of companies could use a day like this that might equal three or four days of sales throughout the rest of the year.”

As of Thursday morning, there were more than a few well-known brands among the (737) merchants offering free shipping that will arrive on shoppers’ stoops by Christmas. But it’s the profusion of small retailers that makes Free Shipping Day unique.

“It’s a nice marketing opportunity when you can participate in a marketing option that doesn’t have to do with the size of your wallet but the size of your brain,” says Kim Dow, who runs Bear Hill Sports in Charlotte, Vt. Ms. Dow – who “has one employee and four kids” – says that beyond the actual sales figures generated Thursday, the exposure Bear Hill has already gotten in terms of web traffic from the Free Shipping site is a huge help.

“We looked at some statistics today and it turned out that even just being listed on their website, its our fourth-largest referrer to the site. That’s great,” she says. “And we decided to extend it all the way through Christmas and we wouldn’t have thought of doing it unless we had been approached by them to participate in this.”

Online shopping drops off around December 12, so Free Shipping Day gives merchants the opportunity to sell more later in the month, according to the website. Today is the last day retailers can guarantee delivery by Christmas. Any retailer can participate, as long as they offer free shipping on their website on the chosen day.

If you have some shopping left before Christmas, support your favorite small businesses!

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Written by Drea Knufken

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