20 Father’s Day Gifts Under $200

Need a Father’s Day gift on the cheap? Scoop up one of the deals below to please Dad while keeping your pocketbook padded:

1. Multi-Gadget Charger

Image: FrontGate

Estimated price: $50

This snazzy universal charging dock lets Dad charge up to 12 devices simultaneously. Compatible with most brands, including BlackBerry and Apple, this dock makes tangled up wall adapters a thing of the past.

2. Cooler/Grill Combo


Estimated price: $153

We featured this baby in 20 Gifts for Grads Under $200, and we’re touting it again. Tailgaters will be floored when they see this all-in-one roll up before the big game. It’s also handy for camping, BBQ-ing, and affording Dad instant popularity.

3. iPhone 3G

Image: Seth Hughes

Estimated price: $99

For only $99, how could you not treat Dad to the Apple of his eye? Get one for yourself while you’re at it.

4. Steak Branding Iron

Image: Texas Irons

Estimated price: $80

Nothing shows pride of ownership like a real Texas branding iron—for steak. Texas Irons offers a set with all 26 letters of the alphabet and an “&” symbol. It comes in a wooden box with custom initials branded on top. And hey, if Dad burns the steak at the neighborhood BBQ, he can always brand the neighbor’s initials into it.

5. Beer-of-the-Month Club


Estimated price: $35/month

Save Dad a trip to the liquor store by having microbrews deposited right at his doorstep. Bonus: If you give him 12 beers a month, you’ll probably earn his gratitude for 12 months a year.

6. GPS


Estimated price: $160

Ensure Dad never has to ask for directions gets lost again with a brand new GPS.

7. Discovery Flight


Estimated price: $120

Give your aspiring aviator the time of his life with an introductory flight, also known as a discovery flight. Most flight schools offer these get-you-hooked specials for less than $130. But remind Dad that if he gets addicted, the tab’s on him.

8. USB Drive


Estimated price: $75

Craftsy USB drives like the steampunk one above have taken computer users by storm. Find the perfect drive for Dad at Etsy or ThinkGeek.

9. Money Clip


Estimated price: $43

Dad will feel like a high roller with a fancy metal money clip like the one above.

10. DVD Box Set


Estimated price: $35

Let Pops revel in his favorite series by gifting him a DVD box set of his favorite TV series. Most sets include one full season and cost between $35-$40.

11. Stock Car Racing Experience


Image: 877stockcar.com

Estimated price: $99

Dad a NASCAR or F-1 fan? Amp him up with a 160+ mph ride on a professional speedway. Most driving schools offer 3 laps in the shotgun seat for around $100.

12. Personalized Shop Sign

Image: Personal Creations

Estimated price: $70

Personal Creations casts retro shop plaques that complement Dad’s favorite hangout, be it the garage, den, tool shed, or—if he can get away with mounting his own signs—local brewpub. Dad will love seeing his name on the placard.

13. Remote Controlled Airplane

Image: ModelsAviation

Estimated price: $140

If your dad hasn’t yet had the chance to become addicted to RC flying objects, give him the chance with an entry-level plane like this one. If he digs it, buy him an aerial cam for his birthday.

14. New Wallet


Estimated price: $25

If he can’t stand to part with his time-worn billfold, tempt Dad with a snazzy new one. Overstock.com offers nice leather ones for as little as $12.

15. Portable Hammock


Estimated price: $110

Portable hammocks, like this one by Kelsyus, afford Dad the opportunity to lounge in style in the backyard, on the beach, or on the campground. At 27 lbs, the hammock is lightweight, but holds up to 250 lbs. It comes with an inflatable pillow and special carrier.

16. Laptop Lap Desk

Image: Laptopdesk.net

Estimated price: $80

If your Dad likes his laptop, offer him increased comfort and convenience with a laptop lap desk like the one above, which comes equipped with a cooling fan, 4-port USB hub, hardwired USB cable, and adjustable tilt/height.

17. 7-in-1 Roadside Emergency Tool

Image: SwissTechTools

Estimated price: $30

The whole family will benefit from this lightweight safety tool, which includes a flashlight, alarm, flasher, thermometer, tire gauge, seatbelt cutter, and window breaker. The compact device prepares you for most car accidents, but fits easily onto your keychain. It even comes with a battery.

18. Custom T-Shirt

Source: NorthShoreShirts

Estimated price: $22

Show off your World’s Greatest Dad by gifting him a T-shirt saying as much. Have your kids place paint handprints on the shirt to secure the cause.

19. BBQ Sauce Gift Basket


Estimated price: $46

Make Dad feel like a grilling gourmand with a BBQ sauce gift basket. GourmetMike’s offers a complete set that includes cherry rub, four different kinds of specialty BBQ sauce, and a basting brush.

20. BBQ Set


Estimated price: $100

Make Dad a grillmeister with a shiny new barbeque set. The 10-piece set above, sold by Brookstone, includes a heat-proof grill light, a computerized chef’s fork, stainless steel tools, and a neat-looking molded case. What more can you want? Oh, right—it’s Wall Street Journal approved, too!

Bonus! 21. Waterproof Shower Radio/Music Player

Image: SlipperyBrick

Estimated price: $48

Dad won’t miss a beat with a quality radio tuner/weather band like this one from Sony. It works equally well in the shower, the garage, and outside.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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