10 Greatest Virgin PR Stunts of All Time

Sir Richard Branson has been called “the undisputed king” of the publicity stunt, and we couldn’t agree more. Rarely missing an opportunity to spread the word according to Virgin, Branson has traveled far and wide, and gone to extreme lengths to advertise the various companies that fall under his umbrella brand. Virgin has always prioritized and prided itself on its PR, and generally it’s worked for them — and to spectacular effect.

Undoubtedly a skilful and savvy operator, Richard Branson has used his fame and familiar face to put his companies squarely in the spotlight time and time again. Always retaining a self-deprecating sense of humor and a smiling affably, Branson is the good-natured boss many managers and CEOs aspire to be. From breaking world records through to fancy dress escapades and even appearing in an episode of Baywatch, Sir Richard always goes the extra yard. Here are the ten greatest Virgin PR stunts he’s ever undertaken. Read the rest of this entry »

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