September 2011

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  • 11 Ways America is Keeping Poor People Poor

      Share An ancient piece of common wisdom says the poor get poorer and the rich get richer (in fact it’s as ancient as the Bible).  We’ve all experienced this in small ways in our daily lives in the form of bank fees if our account falls below a certain minimum amount, or in the […]

  • 6 Work Place Shoe Faux Pas To Avoid

    When there’s a chill in the air, work place fashion faux pas run rampant. Usually it’s because people cling onto their summer wardrobes or don’t know how to dress fashionably while also staying warm. Well we’re here to prove style and warmth aren’t mutually exclusive (but remember that Ugg boots and our approval are). (image credit) […]

  • 13 Most Disturbing Anti Drugs Ads

    The war on drugs is fiercely fought and made up of many smaller, but no less important, battles. Anti-drugs campaigners fight one such battle, driving home the message that hard drugs are dangerous and harmful to one’s health. Powerful tactics are employed in this effort, not least the way in which public service ad campaigns […]

  • 15 of the Craziest Medical Cures

    If you are scared by the booming industry of doctors and hospitals and fake flu shots — you should be. Every generation opts to undergo ‘cures’ which are not really cures at all, but ridiculous charades with no medical effects whatsoever (except for negative ones). Doctors think they know everything just because they went to […]

  • Three Well-Paying Sales Careers

    If you want to start a career in sales, then it helps to know which paths will lead to incomes that match the needs of your lifestyle. Assuming that you want a well-paying sales career, consider looking for jobs in the following areas. In addition to high-base salaries, you can make big bonuses based on […]

  • In the Beginning There Was Apple

    A long, long time ago…well, maybe just in the 1970s, Apple Computer, Inc. released the Apple 1, as well as incorporating the new company. This new computer was actually the offspring of the code-named Apple Lisa project, which Steve Jobs developed after he saw the Xerox technology in action. This little computer was the first to introduce the […]

  • 10 Toxic Toys That Kids Actually Played With

    Good parents always want the best for their children, and for them to play as safely and happily as possible. In times gone by, however, this was was often easier said than done, as many popular toys and games contained harmful elements which presented real risks to kids. These days, what can and can’t be […]

  • 10 Ways Michele Bachmann is Like Satan

    Satan wasn’t always such a bad guy. There was a time when Satan was the coolest new kid on the block, and all the other angels wanted to hang out with him and wear the same color Nikes. Satan’s history is longer than just ‘the evilest guy ever’ and in his storied past, there are […]

  • 10 Incredible Commercials Created by Great Music Video Directors

    The road to becoming a successful director is a long, complicated and arduous one. As any film student will know, it takes talent, perseverance, dedication and a lot of hard work to make it into the director’s chair (a little bit of luck helps, too). As with any creative process, film directing is about learning, […]

  • 10 Real Life Bonnie and Clydes

    What could be more enticing, more adventurous, and more romantic than a tale of outlaws in love?  Maybe you’re familiar with the lives of Bonnie and Clyde, the love-struck public enemies who led a bloody tour across America during the Great Depression.  They’ve left a legacy that has been immortalized in film, song, and stage, […]

  • 10 Ads That Were Banned For Sexual Content

    If there is one truth in advertising it must surely be this: sex sells. And a lot of sex sells a lot of things. As the late, great comedian Bill Hicks dryly noted, sex can be (and often is) used to advertise absolutely anything at all. Sometimes, however, those zany advertising types go a little […]