March 2012

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  • 10 Most Imaginative Criminals

    Share Crime might not pay, but that might be because your average criminal is actually dumb as rocks. Perhaps it’s not crime that doesn’t pay, but being stupid enough to think you can get away with a major bank heist after little to no preparation. Looking at some of the more clever criminals out there, […]

  • 10 Famous White Collar Criminals

      White collar crime is the sweetest gig on earth. You can strip the earth bare or rob your shareholders blind, and most likely you’ll just have to pay some money, or a small amount of time in a minimum security prison. Worst case scenario you get locked up for decades and your son kills […]

  • 10 Geeks Who Profited From Their Geekdom

      Share It’s a tired story by now that you should be nice to the nerds, so when they grow up and found a billion dollar software company, they won’t be inclined to crush your dreams with their vast wealth and power. At least that’s the gist of The Social Network. Turns out a natural […]

  • 10 Things They Won’t Tell You About Your First Job in Business

      Share Congratulations!  You’ve successfully completed college/high school/associate’s degree/technical school/doggy day care/a day without curling into a useless ball of tears and self pity!  You are finally ready to go out there and get one of them full-time professional jobs with benefits and everything.  You’ve studied hard in school, and have even spoken with professionals […]

  • 10 Products that Take the Fun Out of Everyday Life

      Share Technology tends to make our lives easier and better.  What would life be like if we had to wash our own dishes and clothes by hand like damn savages?  Are we going to give up the Internet and go back to Victoria’s Secret catalogs and lingerie ads?  What would we do without the […]

  • 10 Reasons Working in an Office is Awful(ly Awesome)

      Share    There are fewer symbols of crushing defeat more overwhelming than a dimly-lit office with uncomfortable chairs, buzzing neon lights, and lifeless drones of workers staring at you with their dead little eyes.  Offices are where dreams go to die and your ambitions of becoming a tortured writer or international starship captain wither […]

  • 10 1%ers Who Want You to Think They’re in the 99%

        Share     Class warfare is for real, and it’s time to pick a side.  You could throw in with the chateau dwellers, but chances are you’re with everyone else.  As the war of whines has progressed, not every 1%er is content falling into their allotted box, and some have stepped forward to […]

  • 5 Best Aftermarket Car Products

    Not everyone is happy with their car straight off the lot. While the color may be perfect and the features just what you want, something is missing. That’s where aftermarket car products come in, allowing every car owner to customize their vehicle just the way they like it. Today, you have more options than ever […]