April 2012

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  • The Search For The Financial Holy Grail

    Usually get-rich-quick plans seem a little unrealistic, and they should. It most cases, you can’t decide to participate in a financial strategy that immediately gets you a ton of money. Some people have this misconception about foreign exchange trading, and while it’s definitely possible to make money participating in forex trading, it involves a lot […]

  • 5 Ways to Make Gun Control Safer in America

      Share For decades, America has been locked in a heated debate with itself over gun control laws and safety. Every year, people are murdered with (legal and illegal) firearms, kids accidentally shoot one another and themselves, and the illegal firearm trade grows larger. Here are some ways that we might make gun control safer […]

  • The 10 Best People in Your Office

      Share Let’s face it: working sucks.  Each day you are required to wake up at some ungodly hour, actually make yourself presentable, and then spend 8 wearying hours dealing with people you probably aren’t that fond of.  Worst of all, they expect you to do all this while wearing pants.  You might even have […]

  • 6 Ways to Make Money on the Side

    Share Everyone wants to jump in on a “get rich quick” scheme that will earn them thousands with little to no effort — who wants to slave tirelessly for years before reaping the benefits? Jacuzzis and jet skis are a lot less exciting when you’re a senior citizen with heart problems. And let’s be realistic […]

  • 6 Gourmet Meals For Under $10 (with Recipes)

      Share   We’re all broke these days, and many people have turned frugality into some sort of maniacal game where we try to spend the absolute least amount of money on everything possible — including food. This often means sacrificing quality in the name of dollar-and-diming it, which can be both tasteless and detrimental […]