June 2012

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  • 5 Giant Companies Who Brainwash Their Employees

    Share Large corporations are responsible for making sure that their hundreds, often thousands of employees are happy, healthy, but most importantly: faithful to the company. How do large businesses somehow convince throes of people to clamor for a job that pays poorly, is often overcrowded with demanding customers, and has little room for advancement or […]

  • 5 Ways to Get Noticed in Your Competitive Office Environment

    Share   A lot of people work in an office where everyone is vying for that next rung on the corporate ladder, whether it be a creative or technical position. But with so much competition and possibly even some backstabbing, one has to be tactful and persistent to get noticed without seeming like an overbearing […]

  • 5 Influential Christian Business Leaders

    Share The Christian community is a very important part of our society and as such it is vitally important that there be some respected leaders to provide guidance and direction for the community. Any group, even a religious one, can lose its way if they do not have someone who is responsible enough to provide […]

  • 5 of the Most Competitive Jobs

    Share     Today, finding a decent job can be so difficult that it almost seems like there are no ‘most’ competitive job markets — because it’s all of them. But while finding a job in social media or accounting might feel harrowing, there are some occupations that are virtually impossible to fill. You’re more […]

  • 5 Jobs with the Highest Fatality Rates

      Share   The job industry has changed drastically since computers have taken over just about everything. 2/3 of employees sit at computers for their jobs, and over 80% of Americans work in jobs that require little to no physical activity. While desk-workers tend to suffer from obesity (1/3 of Americans are obese), there are […]