10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett

When people think investing, the first name that comes to mind is Warren Buffett. Buffett is a legend and has been a huge role model for thousands of value investors over the years. Besides his success, perhaps the biggest reason people gravitate towards Warren Buffett is that his investing style relies on common sense: buy good, growing, well-run businesses that are selling at a value relative to other stocks.

To help you understand Warren Buffett’s financial principles a bit better, here’s an informative infographic that highlights 10 of Warren Buffett’s basic ideas:

10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett
Source: Best Finance Schools

10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett

1. Spend wisely.
2. No one cares about your money as much as you do.
3. Do your homework: scan thousands of stocks.
4. Overcome your fear of risk.
5. Focus on the long term.
6. Invest in quality businesses.
7. Hunt for exceptional bargains for solid companies.
8. Make decisions to invest based on how well money is being used by company management.
9. Be patient; wait until everything is in your favor to invest.
10. Sell losing stocks when the market is up; buy winning stocks during a crash.

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