High Demand College Degrees vs Low Demand College Degrees

The question has been asked a million times since 2008. Is college still worth it?

The answer boils down to degree selection and degree level. In this economy, it’s not enough to just get a degree. You need to get a degree that will prepare you for a high-demand job. Or, at the very least, according to the information in this graphic, get your Master’s degree. People with Master’s degrees only have 3% employment.

Here’s a look at which degrees are in demand, and which degrees are not from the site Best Counseling Degrees (discovered via Visual.ly):

College Degrees: High Demand versus Low Demand
Source: http://www.bestcounselingdegrees.com

10 Lowest Demand College Degrees

1. Clinical psychology 19.5%
2. Fine Arts Degrees 16.2%
3. United States History 15.1%
4. Library Science 15.0%
5. Military technologies 10.9%
6. Educational psychology 10.9%
7. Architecture 10.6%
8. Industrial & organizational psychology 10.4%
9. Miscellaneous psychology 10.3%
10. Linguistics & comparative literature 10.2%

10 Highest Demand College Degrees

1. Medical Laboratory Technician 1.4%
2. Nursing 2.2%
3. Treatment therapy professions 2.6%
4. Medical assisting services 2.9%
5. Agriculture production & management 3.0%
6. Industrial production technologies 3.1%
7. Pharmacy 3.2%
8. Communications & disorders sciences 3.3%
9. Elementary education 3.6%
10. Special-needs education 3.6%

If I had a son or daughter who was entering college I would advice them to go into a higher demand major and avoid the lower demand ones. I’d probably also suggest engineering, computer technology and any health sciences.

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