August 2012

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  • 4 Great Business Leadership Books for Kindle

    You’ve got your Kindle in hand. You’re ready to soak up all the business leadership knowledge your brain can handle. But you’re stumped. What should you read first? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. We took into consideration the “12 Business Books for 2012” list produced, as well as some of the historically best-selling […]

  • What Motivates Employees?

    Your employees are the front line advocate for your brand and are the connection between your business and customers; it’s important to inspire them and keep them motivated when they come to work. Employee happiness is key to the success of a business. The following infographic shows the steps you need to take to keep […]

  • 4 Great iPad Apps for Business Travelers

    While traveling, it is important to stay on top of business and get the most out of any trip. With the iPad, there are a number of apps that can help a person accomplish this and allow for some relaxation as well. Dragon Dictation Even on the iPad, it is a bit difficult to type […]

  • Five Business You Can Start With Less Than $5,000

    If you’re looking for a place to invest your tax return, the money you earned selling your old car, or it’s just time to put a little something aside and quit your day job, there are a number of business opportunities open to you that might cost less than you think. All of the business […]

  • The Economic Costs of Obesity

    Here’s some fascinating, almost jaw-dropping, information about the economic costs of obesity in America. – Americans consume 938 million extra gallons of gas/year due to excess passenger weight which results in an extra $4 billion in obesity related gasoline costs. – 86% of Americans are expected to be overweight by 2030 – The estimated indirect […]

  • 5 Ways Cash is Becoming Obsolete

    ¬† It’s fun to watch futuristic movies where all transactions are performed via a chip embedded deep beneath your skin — until you realize that that type of science fiction fantasy is slowly becoming our reality. Many people have stopped using cash entirely — credit is heavily relied on, and your bank statement is nothing […]