February 2013

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  • 15 Hilariously Inappropriate Billboard Juxtapositions

    Billboards are the most popular form of outdoor advertising and, according to some sources, the fifth biggest advertising medium in the world. These short messages plastered beside our highways and along our streets have the advantage of reaching huge amounts of people, attracting new clientele and upping sales – all at an affordable price. There […]

  • 15 Most Creative Food Packaging Designs

    Packaging is a critical element in making your product pop off the shelf and into the shopping cart, and what better way to do that than through innovative design? We’ve all seen creative containers before, but these 15 products take inventiveness to a whole new level. Not only are these items brilliantly encased, their designs […]

  • 15 Amazing Japanese Capsule Hotels

    Capsule hotels sprang up in Japan in the late ‘70s to cater for businessmen who worked too late or drank too much to make the long commute home. The first capsule hotel opened its doors in 1979 in the city of Osaka. And in view of high rent prices, the cost of spending the night […]

  • 15 Ill-Conceived McDonald’s Meals Doomed to Fail

    According to The New York Times, the recent economic slump hasn’t slowed McDonald’s down one bit. Based on 2011 sales data studied by food industry research specialists Technomic Inc., McDonald’s hold the biggest share of the market in their category. In fact, McDonald’s’ piece of the pie is almost equivalent to the market shares of […]

  • 15 Dumbest Fashion Ad Photoshop Fails

    With its power to make colors more dramatic, remove distracting elements and alter models’ body sizes, Photoshop has an allure that few businesses can resist – especially when it comes to fashion. That said, sometimes tinkering with and manipulating an advert in the hope of making your image really “pop” can go too far. Tweak […]

  • 15 Biggest Video Game Console Failures Ever

    With developers excited about mobile capabilities and hopeful regarding new untapped markets, video gaming is far from over; and yet, over the years, it has proven a difficult industry to dominate. Market saturation has spawned an industry that thrives on tough competition, even giving rise to the term “console wars.” You need to watch your […]

  • 15 Traffic-Stopping Three-Dimensional Billboards

    While many billboards are loathed and worthy of such derogatory nicknames as “sky trash,” “litter on a stick” and “the junk mail of the American highway,” a little ingenuity and humor can go a long way towards redemption. These innovative 3D billboards all use their environments in unique ways. They’re eye-catching, creative, memorable and fun […]