August 2013

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  • 15 Amazing Pieces of Crop Circle Advertising

    In the 1980s crop circles attracted a great deal of media coverage and even became speculatively linked to extraterrestrial activity, the paranormal and strange weather events. Perhaps it’s only natural that advertisers paid attention. A number of foodstuffs are perfectly suited for “cropvertising” – especially if wheat is a key ingredient in the product. Some […]

  • 13 Incredible Glow-in-the-Dark Adverts

    From fish to fireflies, a diverse range of creatures use bioluminescence for survival strategies like luring prey or attracting mates. And away from nature, luminous paint, too, has provided a vital function for companies and organizations in promoting products and safety messages with attention-grabbing results. Glow-in-the-dark advertising has emerged as an innovative and striking new […]