21 top universities where getting accepted is getting harder

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Harvard University

It’s no secret that top universities are difficult to get into. Most require an almost perfect GPA and very high SAT and/or ACT scores. However, it is also a trend to see top schools lowering their overall acceptance rates to allow an even smaller percentage of incoming freshmen to be accepted.

In 2005, Stanford University accepted 13% of applicants, in 2015 the school allowed just 5.05% of applicants to be admitted.

Stanford’s acceptance rate is the lowest in recorded history for a United States college and shows just how competitive a top-notch education has become.

A full list of top universities and their admission rates was compiled using data from IvyWise, as well as fact sheets from each individual school.

To compile our list, we examined 2014 acceptance numbers and compared them against 2015 acceptance rates. Only schools who tightened the belt on their acceptance rates were included.

We’ve also included application numbers so you can better understand how many students each university accepts and turns away.

Here are the top 21 universities where admission rates have become tougher than ever before.

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Written by Melissa Stusinski

Melissa Stusinski

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