23 corporate logos that have subliminal messages

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Corporate logos have subliminal messages. Maybe not all of them, but popular brands like FedEx, BMW, Cisco, and more deliver messages customers may not even realize exist.

For example, did you ever notice the arrow in negative space between the E and X in FedEx? What about the fact that the white in BMW’s logo is referencing an airplane’s propeller?

Most of the time, companies use subliminal messaging in their logos to pay tribute to their roots, their founding city, or to draw attention to the focus of their products or services.

The subliminal messages are used to encourages us to look closer at each logo, increasing brand recognition.

You may have noticed some of these logos and their subliminal messages, but it’s likely that you haven’t noticed all of them — yet.

Check out these 23 corporate logos that have subliminal messages.

#1 – FedEx’s logo has an arrow hidden in the negative space to imply forward motion and efficiency in their deliveries.


#2 – NBC’s peacock is hidden in the white space among the colored part of its logo. The bird represents the network’s status as a loud and proud broadcaster.


#3 – Tostitos’ two middle T’s represent people while the red dot is a bowl of dip.


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Written by Melissa Stusinski

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