The 25 Best Colleges In America According To Hiring Managers

Harvard and best colleges in American to get a job after graduation

Business Insider recently surveyed more than 1,000 readers to determine which schools best prepare students for success after graduation. The publication then combined those answers with average SAT scores and median starting salaries.

666 people who took the survey said they hire frequently and Harvard took the top spot on the list for success preparation after earning a degree.

Decision makers in the hiring process aid business and engineering majors are the most likely people to land a job and become successful after graduation.

Here are the 25 Universities hiring managers prefer:

1. Harvard University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. Yale University

5. Princeton University

6. Duke University

7. Columbia University

8. University of Pennsylvania

9. Dartmouth College

10. University of California at Berkeley

11. TIE: California Institute of Technology

11. TIE: Cornell University

13. University of Chicago

14. US Naval Academy

15. Northwestern University

16. Georgetown University

17. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

18. University of Virginia

19. Johns Hopkins University

20. US Military Academy

21. Carnegie Mellon University

22. Brown University

23. New York University

24. University of Notre Dame

25. Boston College

It would be interesting to see if earning a higher degree, such as an MBA or Doctorate, played a part in that success. Many students from top-tier schools such as those listed, go on to earn a degree beyond their bachelors.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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