$250 Social Security Stimulus Checks are in the Mail

The social security stimulus package is on its way. The stimulus comes in the form of $250 checks for social security recipients. CNN reports:

An estimated 50 million Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients will receive their one-time $250 economic stimulus check starting in early May — several weeks ahead of schedule, Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday.
Vice President Biden says the checks will “make a big difference” for older Americans and those with disabilities.

Vice President Biden says the checks will “make a big difference” for older Americans and those with disabilities. The $250 checks “will make a big difference in the lives of older Americans and people with disabilities — many of whom have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis that has swept across the country,” Biden said in a written statement.

“Big difference” is an overstatement, but it’s a nice gesture.

DISCLAIMER: Business Pundit does not know when your checks will arrive in the mail. Please do not email us asking if we know when your check will arrive. We have no clue. Please contact the people here with your questions: http://www.ssa.gov/. Good luck.

  • 250.00 whole dollars! wow after paying 3.00 at Wal Mart to get it cashed, I’m down to 247.00 big ones…now let me see, I could make a difference if I finally get current with the electric company…oops I forgot the gas will be turned off if I don’t pay at least 150. of the 287. I’m in arrears, that leaves me with 137. to make my big difference with. By the way does anyone know what that difference is? I am a mental health consumer and believe me I want to work. But–if I get a job I can no longer afford the medicine I need to take so I can work, besides with all the budget cuts supported employment for the mental ill is, well lets just say, “off the table.” That has a nice ring to it. I am trying my best to make some money on line but I have to teach myself each step so it’s slow going. Oh my gosh, I got it, I’ll use my 250.00 to hire a professional SEO company to help me. Think that will make a difference?

  • Bud

    I know what you mean, but something is better than nothing.
    Sure wish we could get let’s say 250,000.00 bail out, now that is something that would really help. Hope “Joe the Plummer” get’s one to!

  • Donna

    $250.00 I have to agree with Maria on this one, even after having my electric lines and meter checked by the electric company for technical issues, my electric bill is running neck and neck with my mortgage payment, and my water bill is over $100 every month, no leaks either, just too expensive. Being an online student for 31/2 years I have also supported the cable company with my internet use. The college tax break will help next year, but came to late for this years taxes. So what will I spend the $250.00 on We can hardly afford groceries any more, we are lucky if we actually have 1 meal a day, we do with out most of the time. My Social security check only comes once a month and it is gone before it gets here. I had to cancel my Medicare because I needed the extra income to eat on, hope I dont get sick again. I still havent received what SSA owes me on that being cancelled last November and they are still taking it out of my check. Maybe I will get that and the stimulus check at the same time, then I could afford to get groceries and pay part of my electric bill. will have to hope the weather warms up quick. the wood is almost gone. If I keep eating the oatmeal my cholesterol will go down low enough that I will no longer need the Rx, (this is one way I am forced to economize) Oatmeals not to bad but for that one meal a day, it would be nice to have a little milk in it, thats what I will do with the baklance of my check, I will buy a gallon of milk.

  • Kathy

    Oh Maria I sat here and laughed til I cried. You are hilarious. I do agree with you. Thanks for the laugh.

  • don

    well;my check is coming in may.i was so happy till they raised my ciggarettes this morn.i guess they had to take it back before i got it.now im gonna use my check to buy an ak-47 to help out when the revolution starts.then i,ll lower the cigg.tax.im so happy.

  • Im laughing too. Here in hawaii the average electric bill for me is{WITHOUT AIRCONDITIONING} over 200 bucks a MONTH. Yes I said a month! A loaf of bread is 5 bucks plus for a decent loaf, name brand OJ is 9 bucks a gallon, cambells soup is over two bucks a can. Cig here for a pack of basic luights were 6.41 a pack as of last 3 months ago. Today its a DOLLAR MORE and in July I heard cigs may reach close to TEN BUCKS A PACK!!! My mortgage is 1164.00 a month I get social sec 1140 a month and my brother rents from me with help from county housing section 8 I get 900 a month not to discount 300 bucks month for credit cards. phone 50 bucks, internet ten bucks, satellite tv 55 bucks, house insurance 45 bucks, life insurance 38 bucks, gasoline 200 bucks, I can go on. Glad I never voted for Obama. Not that I wanted bush but hell our govt does not want us pions in power with any spare change whatsoever!

  • This reply is for Donna, over $100 a mnth. On water are you serious!?! Where
    Do you live? Hell? Excuse the language but you could at least half of that,theirs
    4 people in our household & our water bill never tops $28… Check again on the

  • vanessa

    yall can make it funny all you wants ,im a disable mother to a 17 year old senior she just had her senoir prom whitch my family helpped alot now im not looking for then to do her graduation so im proud the good lawd sending me the two hundred dollars..i will buy her a graduation dress and shoes pay the balance on here pictures hey i wonder do we both get one she is drawing off my ssi…..any money the lord sends me im grateful

  • My dear the LORD is not sending you anything! The government is.The LORD did not have plans for you to be disabled. Your body caused your problem. Learn to spell! If the Lord existed you why would HE, she or it cause you to have a disability? Lord must care alot huh for you to be so broke and disabled huh?

  • tyrone flowers


  • cactus

    Hey people you need to be thankfull for getting any money from the goverment! I started working at 13 years old but never got a social security card till I was 16 by that time the state I lived in you could earn $1.25 per hour if you worked real hard and would show up each, do a honest days work. After working a lot of years at low pay finally my back and joints just gave out. But I did earn enough to get social security and medicare not all that much but I will get by! I knew people that worked more years and at harder work than I did but could only get a few dollars each month! Yes a few dollars and there was no welfare then no food stamps. So yes I am glad to get the $250. just 1 dollar is a lot of money to me at times. So be thankfull for what the goverment does for you! Do not just run it down! Ever think what you would do in a country where there is no help at all? Thank God for the USA and all the people that have died so we are free and get treated the way we are!

  • vanessa

    frank what do you mean if the lord exist you are a dummy telling me to learn to spell and you dont believe in god i just wonder how you get the breath to even breathe or open your eyes every morning to another day or even exist your self you really sounds like a fool and yes i do thank the lord for every thing he gives me because im disable but i could be dead and so can you now go pray you needs it bad


  • cmon folks. A measley 250 bucks? Yes I know its better than nothing. However look at the bailout they are giving banks. If they eally wanted to boost this economy they ould give people $5000.00 not 250.We are bailing out car makers who cannot sell cars because people are broke to buy them. Yes I too m fortunete Im getting Social security disability. I appreciate that.

  • margaret

    ok thank god we r geting something u all made me laugh but 4 sean/jean where do u live for water that cheap because in ky we have pay 4 sewer with it so its over a 100.00 actually 4 seven people in our house ours is cheaper than some with 2 or 3 people but ours was 119.00 this month which is actually a 2 month bill but 28.00 would be great

  • Scraping By

    Barely Living Hemet Ca 04.05.09 at 4:00 pm
    I Am Affected As Well Just , Scraping by , I am on SSDI SSI , I used to get 780 a month , Well Social Security gave us, A cost of living Raise , in Jan They Deducted that Amount from my SSI , I just got a Letter on Friday the 3rd of April from SSI saying they Were going to Take another 36$ out of my Check , Starting in May Because the State of CA Changed the Laws, So now I went From 780, Down to 710 Because of the Deductions From Both , That It Is So unfair that all these Companies Get Bail Outs , And I get 70$ Less a Month Now,, I worked for 24 Years Before I Became,, Disabled, I miss Working , I Had to give up my Car Because I could No Longer Afford the Payments, I Can;t Afford a Home , or a Apartment, I have to Live with a Very Good Friend who Took me in Because I would Have been Homeless, I want those Greedy CEOS to Enjoy Flying in Privet Jets , Eating In Fancy Restaurants And Having Lavish Lifestyles While the Rest O f Us Suffer . I wish Their Families,, Would Suffer And Try To Live On what We Get , I wish They Could Loose their Homes , And Cars And Their Families Could Suffer , And have to Live Like The Rest of Us , Not Knowing If You Can get your Meds that You Need Or Buy Food , Instead. They say Charity Begins at Home , BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE RICH And Get Billions Of Dollars , In Bailout Money That We Worked , And Paid Taxes On . They Take 30% in Taxes for Working Class and The Working Poor,, But Rich Folks Only Get 15% Taken That Is Down Right Discraseful ,, If I had The Power, I Would Make Them Live Like a Poor Person , , And Give The Billions Of Dollars in Bail Out Money, To Our Vet’s And, the Working Poor, Just To Be Able to Eat And Pay Bills , And Not Have To Worry Weather Or Not They Could Either Buy Food Or Pay The Gas Electric , Ect ……… I Hope The Future Will Be A Better Place For Our Children & Grandchildren………

  • johnny

    if the government wanted to help us then they should have gave `us` ,`the people of this country`, the money ,all of it and not `bail out the overpaid companies of this country who overpays their execuitives. the banks who are in trouble should just fold and go home because it`s obvious they don`t know how to run a bank. the big banks of this country think if they don`t clear 2oo million a year they`re in trouble and need a bailout. wouldn`t it be nice if we could get a bailout and give ourselves a few 100 thousand for a bonus @ i do believe we could help the economy. the people of this country are the only ones that can help the economy by buying things. if products aren`t bought then there is no need to make more. if people had more money to buy more things then the economy would improve. 800 billion dollars would make millions of families happy!!!! i would feel like donald trump if i just had 100 thouisand. WOW !!!!

  • Ralph

    Remember a Government big enough to give you something for nothing is big enough to take everything you have! Dividends are always a return on an overcharge.

  • Cathy

    The way I look at it– anything is better then nothing! They dont HAVE to give us anything at all! So I’m glad for anything.Life is tough for alot of us, all over this country, but we do all that we can do to survive. Its downright hard as heck for me and my daughter to make it, we barely scrape by, we live on my Social Security and SSI, which doesnt even amount to $700 a month,and only because we dont have alot of bills as alot of people do, and live in an area thats not so high priced are we able to just scrape by. It gets old never having money for alot of things. But we do. I dont borrow from anybody either.So you know its tough!The government doesnt owe any of us money- its up to each of us to make it in life. I like getting that stimulous money and I greatly appreciate it- but I dont feel they owe me. Life goes on and I deal with it.

  • arthur wells

    i am not sure how to express this so i am gone to do my best the goverment does owe us something. we have rights and in those right congress proposed a idea of equal rights to obtain things we need in life but, the goverment has stepped in again and again to take away those rights. socail security has supposibly a plus of ten more years to pay people and congress/politicians borrow that money with no desire to ever repay. people on the bottom pay everything. there is so many tax right offs for the wealthy as if they areall a non profit organization

  • johnny

    come on people- we all have to work for a living ,or we’re on social security and /or disability. we each are responsible for ourselves,spouses,kids. theres no free ride. i depend on myself, i dont expect anything, or any handouts from anybody. if the government is cool enough to give us even $5, thats $5 more then we had- so be thankful, and/or grateful for it.and then get on with taking care of yourself, and not worrying about getting anymore free things. life goes on!

  • Gayle

    Sorry you guys that buy cigs, you need food, water, heat, and housing to live. You DON’T need to smoke in order to do that. That is a luxury, not to mention a horrible health hazard. Definitely our government needs more work to run effectively, but don’t blame them for not supplying smokes for you.

  • Barbara

    Come on all of you. Well At least most of you. Why is it that Disabled people always want more. Why do Welfare people or anyone on government subsidies and/or Social Security that we have all paid into always complain about what we get. Granted the world doesn’t revolve around us. Oh Hey…..You didn’t know that? Look lots od people can.t spell. We all make mistakes when were typing also. Maybe you should all put tht money into Educating yourself. It is what it is. But you make a good portion of your own Happiness in your life. You have to try and make things as positive as you can. No matter what happens. Complain and moan and groan and you’ll be unhappy.

  • Charlie

    I appreciate the $250 stimulus but with the way prices are , it won’t go far. I also heard that Obama is eliminating the cost of living increase for 3 years. If he does that we’re up a creek without a paddle. I, for one, am glad we get that cost of living increase. I am disabled as well. My doctor told me that I can’t work until I have back surgery but I don’t know if it’s gonna help anyway. I am 61 yrs old and I doubt that anyone would hire someone my age. So , as you can see, I am between a rock and a hard place. I have 4 ruptured disks in my back and I am in constant pain.

  • teri

    This is for Frank. You need prayer dear man…and lots of it. No God??? Look around you…do you honestly believe this has just been here or was created by a big bang? Read the Bible…Genesis…it tells you how we came to be here. If you dont believe…then don’t, but don’t run down and degrade the people who do believe.
    You are in my prayers…for your eyes to be opened.

  • Teri..get a real life. There is no god. The other idiot who was ragging on us complaining about a future cut on cost of living raises..Your time will come when you will understand how important it is!

  • Mike

    I cant believe all the belly aching and complaints whats not enough and the smoker its your choice to smoke. God so many people forget to be thankful that they have any help at all with all the homeless and less fortunate that recieve nothing. I thank god i paid enough taxes to be able to recieve disablity. What happed to appreciation for something for anything instead of belly acheing and complaining. The President is trying to do the best he can be thankful something is better then nothing.

  • Cathy

    Thats right folks- be thankful for what you do got. Something is always better then nothing!

  • to all those out there bitching about is there a god or not?to each his own and by the way,yes its good to have pocket change to help out the 250 for ss and ssi,but ill be damed if i thank anyove from the presd. to gov for it!at least the old fart bush gave us more and this stupid presd.dont keep up with a dam word he says im glad i didnt vote for him so they could call me stupid!hes getting us more in debt than what we started out with and guess what he got a new dog! wander who really wears the leash?

  • Now that’s a funny comment! Bad spelling and all….

  • quit whining and think that its better than nothing. i am on social security since sept,and can’t draw medicare till 2010,and i have copd and cancer,so have to rely on kindness of clinic,and my husband is awaiting heart transplant and does get medicare,and we have a mortgage and a grandson to raise,yes it makes me mad that people like octomom get all this help and dont need it,but the government is trying to weed out the poor and elderly so that can make more money and that’s just the facts.,and it is never going to get better, so thank the good Lord for what you got now.

  • Connie

    Check with your welfare office.. all people on social security may be eligible for them to pay Medicare part B for you. You must have a low income to apply. It won’t hurt to check into this, and you’ll have almost $100 extra a month.

  • Jeffree

    OBAMA IS GREAT!!! Im disabled and appreciate getting 250.00. I will send 50.00 to a Cambodian family which will support them for 6 months. The other 200.00 Im grateful for. I also live in Hawaii. I dont have cable TV or a cell phone. Dont drink or smoke. I ride a bike. Love family friends and beautiful beaches.

  • bob gresham

    any of you damn fools who do not want your 250 dollar stimulas check, send it to me. Bob gresham 645 ping ct twin falls idaho. you morons

  • Bon

    Any body that thinks 250.00 is not a lot of money to them does not really need it. I am glad to get mine. I already have plans.

  • Linda

    Oh my goodness. What on earth will I do with the whopping $250. I am on Social Security and having to pay for health care as we are not eligible for Medicare yet and my insurance premium is $900 a month. It sure would be nice if they think of us people that cannot get a job due to our age and have to depend on Social Security to live. Thanks for the little bit, don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for what I get but think of all the bailouts for those able to work and young enough to find a job. They don’t know what trouble is yet. Wait until they get our age and see how much health care costs and then the government is helping us with a big $250 for a one time deal. Thanks for the money but it won’t even pay my power bill.

  • Cathy

    So many ungrateful people out there…Be glad you are given anything at all..

  • Laura

    I understand the complaints. The payment is not large enough, we’re not reaping the benefits of all that is transpiring. What people need to remember is that 8 years of unstopped excesses by the last administration, a misguided war, corrupted free market system, and so on is why we are living the life we live today. We are responsible or should be responsible citizens not just to our local communities but to ‘us’ collectively as a nation. The Bailout could be going in a different direction and unemployment could be escalating faster, and inflation robbing us faster than we can put the money in our purses to spend. You reap what you sowe, and we as a Nation allowed ourselves to be “bush wacked”, and stood like a deer with head lights in our eyes. You don’t like what is going on then get out there fight for your local communities, make business act ethically, make better personal economic decisions, and be responsible for the those actions. We weren’t picked up and transported in to this recession we let ourselves be led to the here and now, and didn’t make a fuss while the getting was good and the price tag wasn’t checked before the purchases made!

  • im awidow i get 1 234 00 amonth to live on around 400.00 a month i barley make it but i think my god for what i do get my 250 00 will go my power bill

  • kirsten

    is this for ssi recipients too?

  • Dawn

    Here is a thought, quit smoking and buy food, pay for water, the rent, you know the necessities of life! It is hard to feel sorry for people who would rather satisfy their nicotine craving then buy food.

  • Lisa

    Hello All,
    I was just wondering if anyone knew when these checks are going to start going out? Will it be May 1st? Also how are they sending them out? Will it be by the last 2 digits of your ss #?

  • A. Cole

    Listen to everyone bitch!! if you don’t want it – send it back! or donate it to your local food bank. I don’t believe that you will be forced to keep it.
    It will help pay for a few of my Rx. Be thankful for what you get.

  • Rhonda Jai

    I can’t believe how everyone is screaming when they have steady income and there are people out there who have lost their jobs by no fault of their own in the last year. I guess you all should be happy with what you’re getting considering they could send the money to the people who were laid off from their jobs instead. You should be happy with an extra 25.00 since we are not really allowed to go out there and earn a regular living ourselves.

  • Karalee

    Are you people serious? Theres so much complaining and “I cant afford anything crap” spend less time on a blog and more time getting a job or a hobby or something instead of a pitty party-its ridiculous! Get a life and be happy with what the government gave to you, could be worse, always could be worse!!!

  • nanamaloney

    So many are leaving messages that they can not afford their prescription drugs. There are programs for those who do not have prescription drug coverage to receive their medications free. The programs are for those who make to much to qualify for Medicaid. These programs are for everyone,employed,unemployed,etc. as they are based upon income.I help screening and helping those in need at no cost. There is help available

  • Jeri

    Listen to everyone complain. My husband and i have it just as hard. He gets ssi. We pay 400 in rent 125 lights 55 phone ( have to have). No cable is offered in this area, and we are raising three growing boys. I am thankful for anything I can get.

  • linda

    Yes I am thankful for any help money wise no matter who it comes from. I am even willing to help other people if I have it. Time will take care of all our problems and what time does not take care of they will be left for some one else. Life goes on.

  • be thankful for what the president has done for each and every one of us thank you mr president

  • Well we ranted and eaved, fussed and some cussed but in fact we are almost at May 1 and those 250. are looking good. Best wishes to all, no matter what was said it will help a bit.


  • Pat

    I am thankful our president took the time to think about me although it isnt much it will help.

    Thank you Mr.President.

  • Ky

    Ah, well…the $250 -might- help with making up the difference on the $37 cut we just took in Cali, but see…in July, Arnie hands us ANOTHER $50 cut. Since Cali doesn’t allow SSI recipients to get food stamps, this money was supposed to be for food…but haha…our SSI checks are now worth LESS than what someone on Fed base of $638 + foodstamps would get. As it is, my SSI literally covered my rent and power, no extras…been living off of food bank food for the last 3 months since my car got repo’d and I lost my part time Occupational Rehab job. The $250 will keep my landlord happy for a few months, but now I’m stuck looking for another rental…and I have LOUSY credit…was DAMNED lucky to find the place I’m in now.

    So, thanks Governor Arnold…can I put my sleeping bag on the Capitals steps at night, since I’m gonna be homeless soon? On the bright side, with no rent, I can now stimulate McDonalds economy. Oh wait…I can’t. I’m diabetic.

    Anyone sensing this is the first step in removing the disabled from society altogether???

  • panthereyez01

    I too am GLAD for the extra $250, but agree that it’s not going to go THAT far. My husband and I are living on his SSI/SSD (he is legally blind) right now until I get done with nursing school. We have 2 small children to raise, rent to pay, along with food,electric,gas,phone,cable, ect…… Its not easy on the money that he gets, but it pays the bills each month. I am thankful for that!!! I am going to catch up on a few left over balances so I can start fresh next month. With what I have left over Ill take the kids out for a day of yard-saleing and ice cream! We don’t need a ton of money to have fun! As long as I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, lights, water and TV for the kiddos Im GOOD. I too wish it was more, but I am thankful for ANY extra money we get, even if its just $20!

  • charlie O

    ok call me lazy…I just skimmed through a few of theese
    comments. didnt read any of them real carefull. but I could
    swear by some of the language in the comments, it sounded
    like some people have already recieved this money. “has anyone recieved it yet ?” just wondering, because the
    “official” “SSI” web site says the money is suppose to be
    issued some time early may. but it wouldnt surprize me if
    “knowing the Fed Govt” if there was a bit of cruel sham
    behind this deal. and this money doesent float in for
    months. while all theese poor disabled folks (including me)
    hold our breath waiting for it. I live in a area with a heavy
    population of disabled people, and I know people that are so excited about this money that they are calling their
    banks several times a day, or are camped out at their
    mailbox. the “SSI” web site says the money is suppose to be
    sent no later than June 4th. can you imagine how long it will take to get a phone call through to “SSI” after
    June 4th, if the Fed Govt. drags their feet getting this
    money sent. I hope I’m wrong, but I just have this gut
    feeling, (knowing the Govt) they will issue some kind of
    update saying….ooooopppsss….the payments are going to
    be a few months down the road. “has anyone recieved this
    money yet ? I read in the news, some of the huge companys
    that are getting billions, are complaining, because they
    havnt recieved their money yet “three months over due”
    ……hmmmmmmm….I dunnnooo ?

  • virginia nesbitt

    Can someone tell me if this check includes those that are doing social security leveling?

  • Night Owl

    In reading these comments, I am shocked to hear of some of the trouble people are having. Folks, Please contact your county Social Services Department (i.e. your local welfare office) and see if you are eligible for help with food stamps, medical assistance, QMB, fuel or energy assistance, subsidized housing and any other programs ran by either the federal, state or local government where you live. I’m on Social Security Disability and SSI (and getting financial help with all of the above listed other things as well too), but it wasn’t until I moved into a federally subsidized apartment building for seniors and disabled people recently when my landlord asked me if I wasn’t getting supplemental cash assistance from the state as well for being on SSI? I told her no, I didn’t even know there was such a program ran by my state (even though I was aware of food stamps, QMB, medical assistance and energy/fuel assistance and was getting help from them); but unless if you specifically ask a Social Services Department worker what all types of other help you qualify for and apply for them as well too, you might not even find out if other types of help even exists where you live. But Please ask what all types of other help is available to you and apply for it. Its really sad to read about these problems folks are having when there are programs set up to help people out with them.

  • noah

    ungrateful assholes. 250? sweet! thanks gov!

  • Larry

    If Your not happy with the 250.00 your getting—SEND it Back

  • Robyn

    I am very happy to be getting $250.00. It will help me pay for some bills. I think this is wonderful. I just hope it gets here soon. After all my bills are paid I am lucky to have money for food.

  • John

    Is $250 dollars really doing anybody any good? Weekend spending money for some.
    Instead of griping about Big Brother, and how much the socialists are giving us to appease us, we need to get our attitudes right.
    How bout this,

    Work Harder-earn MORE. Get a second job. Hustle tables on weekends. Clean bathrooms up and down the highway. Get off your butts and work. Put as much energy into trying as you do complaining, and see the light.
    If you have the ability-work harder.
    If you don’t have the ability-work harder.
    Get your heads straight and make it your personal responsibility to take care of yourself and the families YOU create.
    So after you get the pitiful $250 what are you going to do.
    WORK HARDER or cry more?

  • Allyson

    Well some is better than none. What I don’t understand is why did they make a stipulation about age. If a child is receiving a monthly check they will not get a stimulus check if they are under 18.

  • Wanda

    Has anyone received the $250 yet?

  • Melody

    Here is the real problem: Obama threw us a $250 bone…but when the right hand is giving you the bone, the left hand is snatching your food bowl. $250 for a 1 time stimulous does NOT make up for 3 years of NO cost of living increase.

    My cost of living increase for just this year is worth $25 a month, times that by 36 months and I have now lost $900 of additional SSD funds.

    Do the math folks…your getting ripped off!

  • Jimmy

    well i got this months check from ssi for having schizophrenia and no additional $250 to get two teeth pulled.

  • Lisa

    Hello Everyone,
    I was on the social security website and they have it set up where they show week to week what they are doing. I read on there where the 1st checks will be mailed May 7th. I so agree about the COLA. I would have rather have had that for the next 3 years. Every time I go to the grocery store everything has been raised yet they say that stuff is going down???? Well I sure would like to know where. Gas has also started going back up back up to over 2.00 a gallon. I would like to know how I am to pay 500.00 rent and my electric bill was close to 400 every month this winter. But no raise. I thought Obama was for the poor well I’m starting to think a little differently now. Guess I won’t be giving him my support again in 4 years.

  • virginia nesbitt

    does social security leveling qualify for the stimulus check? since i was not the age for drawing social security straight out, when i retired last year i did leveling of my social security.

  • Steven

    Yes, I’m grateful for the 250 dollars. I’m using it in the campaign AGAINST OBAMA in the upcoming elections. Not ain’t that a twist. Thanks, Obama.

    And YES there IS a God!! Read Josh McDowell’s evidence that demands a verdict and many other readings by former athiest who set out to disprove Christianity and while doing so became Christians. People who say God does not exist, have not taken out time to investigate, just repeating words from other noninvestigative fools.

  • Larry

    never heard of social security leveling–what the hell is that

  • Larry

    Lisa what web site are you talking about




    This message is for Frank! It is very unfortunate that you don’t believe in GOD only because you can’t see him or tried to form a real relationship with him. It is not about what other people do It’s about you. We can’t see the wind or air but yet in still you believe it to be there. In facf, you would probably be quick to call someone stupid if they didn’t. There is a truth out there and my challenge to you is to seek it. If you search for it like a billion dollar treasure I’m absolutly sure that you would find it. But GOD is not the reason for a $250 check, I agree. The way he will have it is that everybody will be happy. There will be no disability or death. Everyone will have enough food and housing and will love one another MORE than they love their selves. For some one like yourself, I know this is hard to believe, but very soon it will happen. Because this life that we have is not the real life GOD intended for to live. And the people coming to your door are not there to recieve persecution just for fun. They do it be cause thay love you and they want you to be able to abtain the real of happiness that the true GOD JEHOVAH want you and everyone else to recieve. But just like you have to qualify to get that check your complaining about, our only qualifyication to recieve everlasting life is, to take the knowledge of the true GOD and his son Christ Jesus and listen to his commandment then do our best to follow them. And there are more people that believe a lie than the truth. What category do you fit in? Get the truth! READ THE BIBLE! Ask some questions and get some answers that make since. Do the research you’ll get your answers if you really want them. Or you can stay bitter and hopeless. GOD loves you and I do too. We want you to find happiness. IT’S OUT THERE, JUST LOOK!

  • charlie O

    I read a post where someone said they had gone to the “SSI”
    web site, and found calender like updates reguarding what
    “SSI” is up to. and they read information saying the first
    checks are being mailed on 5/7/09. well I scoured the
    :SSI” web site and found no such information. then against
    my better judgement, I called “SSI” and asked them if any such
    information is available on their web site. the woman said “NO”…she also said they are getting so swamped with phone
    calls that it is holding them up from completing the computer process
    being done to get the checks or direct deposits sent out..
    I’m beggining to believe that there are some people out
    there that feel “SSI” reciepients dont deserve this money,
    so they are posting bogus information to get people all
    excited for nothing, and getting a bang out of it.
    that being said….I have a sister that works for the
    FED. GOVT. that told me she has heard through the grape
    vine at work, that theese checks are most likely going
    to be sent out beggining the third week of May.

  • charlie O

    yea lisa “what web site”….hmmmmmm??????

  • Where’s it at already lol? Some people would gripe if you hung them with a new rope.

  • Edward

    Hi Charlie,

    Go to the ssa web site and click on “one-time economic recovery payments” box then find the link “More information about Social Security and the Recovery Act” and click it.

    Now scroll down to “weekly reports” and open “Report of 05/01/2009” Once it’s open click the “major activities” tab on the excel viewer.

    Look to the right at column “C” number “16”

    it should say “Issuing the first rounds of payment May 7.”

  • virginia nesbitt

    Larry, social security leveling is like the averaging out of your social security over a life span. I am not of age to draw as a whole my social security, so the state of Tn. allows state employees, when they retire to do leveling of the social security where it is averaged out. When I become of age to draw social security it will be the same amount as now. I will be 60 in Aug. so I have two more years to draw the amount under the leveling. I took early retirement from teaching last May and owed the state four more years. I qualified to come out early but with a penalty. the ss leveling gave a little compensation for the penalty percentage lost.

  • Lisa

    Go to socialsecurity.gov then click on the economic recovery one time payments click here. Once you click on that click on more information about social security and the recovery act. ok now go down to where it says reports. There is a week by week report. Click on the May 1st report. Its a microsoft excel spredsheet. Now click on major activties at the bottom. It tells you everything. On there under the ERP it states issuing the 1st round of payments May 7th. Check it out for yourself. You may have to download the excel viewer to see the spreadsheet, however its right there with the report.

  • Lisa

    Also just so you know. I also am on social security and would never post bogus information to get people all excited. I know what its like to “need” money and not be able to pay the bills.

  • Edward

    FMS a bureau of the US department of treasury are the ones that are suppose to be issuing the payments. Calling SSA should not effect payments being issued. Go to fms.treas.gov look at FMS highlights and click on “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act FMS Information Related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” then click on “Fact Sheet: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act One-Time Economic Recovery Payments”

  • Melody

    I recieved my $250 on May 4th. I have a pre-pay credit card that my funds are direct deposited and I usually get my funds 3 days ahead of a regular bank. Hope this helps.

    BTW My son who is mentally and physically handicapped, has not gotten his yet. He is 18 and he did get his letter saying he would get $250 but his goes to a reg bank, so not sure if that helps

  • Lisa

    Melody just wondering what are the last 2 digits of your social? I was wondering if the checks are sent out by your last 2 digits of your social security number?

  • Lisa

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my check was in the mail today. So I would say they are doing it by 2 last digits of your social as mine is 08. Keep watching that mailbox!

  • my last 2 numbers is 82 :(

  • Edward

    there’s a chart from last years “Economic Stimulus Payments” that shows payment dates.

    are these the same dates you are using to determine?

    chart is here: http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=181972,00.html

  • Larry

    I think its just a guessing and waiting game —

  • Well, While $250.00 is coming “sometime” in May, I have to wait till then to do my laundry, I have no washer or dryer hook up where I live. I also like so many other people have to pay my Electric bill in full and my phone bill in full or they will both be shut off, hmm, which is the lessor of two evils, clean cloths, electric, or phone which I need because I’m disabled. Guess I shouldn’t complain, something is better than nothing.

  • Brenda

    $250 is better than nothing. However, last year stimulus payments went through the i.r.s. and those who receive disability and doesn’t normally fill out a return did giving individuals and their dependents $300 each … in my case myself plus my 2 children giving me a total of $900. This year however only adults who are receiving disability and/or ssi will receive $250 … children under 18 … nothing (either receiving disability or ssi because of disability or receiving payments from a disabled parent’s record). Yea I can see why there may be disappointed people here. Compared to last year, I’m losing $650 because my children aren’t being included.

  • Connie

    I have never seen so many ungreatful people..If you can’t make it on what you get… call your local welfare office and see what kind of programs that are available to you.. You can get help with your gas, electric, phone, food stamps and medical. And here’s something else.. low income recipients can get help paying Medicare part B.. they will pay it for you (welfare office). Just be glad we’re getting $$ instead of them taking it away. I’d be happy with $5 right now. Why don’t you see what kind of help is available to you, it’s there you just have to go after it. Also the extra money wasn’t coming with our SS checks, it will be sent extra.

  • charlie O

    I read lisa,s post again about the delivery dates she found
    on the “SSI” web site. well it’s there alright, but you
    have to do some digging to find it. on line #16 it’s says,
    the first round of payments go out on May th.
    when you find the page make sure you click on the “major”
    tab at the bottom of the page. and you will “have” to have
    some version of “excell” on your computer to open it.
    BUT…this is getting confusing, because some people are
    reporting here that they have already recieved their payment.
    so that May 7th date may not mean much. I read on a differant
    board that theese checks will be issued according to the last
    two numbers on your social security card>>>>.like this.
    “000-00-0123” the 23 is the last two numbers. the
    information I read, said that the first round of checks
    would go out with last two numbers of 0-16..would be
    delivered by the end of the first week of May.

  • Melody

    Mine is 67 and my son is 81….Glad to hear you got your in the mail today:)


  • Edward

    I found this press release on Congressman Chet Edwards site:


  • Lisa

    I got my check today, however, it is post dated for May 7th so you actually can’t cash it until tomorrow :0(

  • John

    What a bunch of babies. Boo hoo.

    Is $250 dollars really doing anybody any good? These give aways are killing this country.
    Instead of griping about Big Brother, and how much the socialists are giving us to appease us, we need to get our attitudes right.

    How bout this,

    Work Harder-earn MORE.
    Get a second job. Hustle tables on weekends. Clean bathrooms up and down the highway. Get off your butts and work. Put as much energy into trying as you do complaining, and see the light. Does the word WORK hurt??
    If you have the ability-work harder.
    If you don’t have the ability-work harder.
    Get your heads straight and make it your personal responsibility to take care of yourself and the families YOU create. Boo hoo hoo
    So after you get the pitiful $250 what are you going to do.
    WORK HARDER or cry more?

  • Well this blog will soon be over because the checks are in the mail–how about we keep it going and encourage each other how to make extra income.I am building a website so that other mental health consumers (like myself) will be able to sell their homemade wares make 90% profit 5% to website and 5% to New FoundMinds a supported housing community that is in the planning stage. Anyone interested? email me I need help working out the details. Best regards to all.

  • Tonya

    Well like many people I agree something is better than nothing, but also don’t think dispersing tons of money to people or BANKS is really going to help our economic crisis. Since our deficit is so great is anyone wandering where this money is coming from exactly? just printed up? (which decreases the value of the american dollar) borrowed? which increases the amount of interest our country already pays to the other countries which is an ungodly amount. I dunno I really feel bad that our children’s children will probably still be paying off the debt that was created in our generation. What happens if we can’t afford to pay what we borrowed from other countries back? hmmm

  • Dominic

    Well Tonya if we can not pay the monies Mr.Obama barrowed from China. AS some of our land was put up for collaterol in a timely fasion that country can demand that land as payment. AND THEN WE BE F*CKED.

  • Larry

    Its amazing that they aren’t sending the checks out till May 7th but a few have already got them—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Kevin Gray

    So many child-like comments. Many of you complain about how desperatly you need the cash, and in the same breath MOAN about getting ONLY $250.
    Would a hungry child complain about one free meal not being enough? No. He’d eat it, appreciate it, and then move on with with his life. You are some of the luckiest people on the planet to get something for nothing. It’s not the government that’s tearing this country apart. It’s people like you, who have convinced yourselves that you have done something to deserve this gift.IT”S A GIFT. NOT A PAYCHECK OR A REWARD FOR BEING SELF-CENTERED AND ARROGANT!

  • Kevin Gray

    I agree Larry. Some people spend their entire lives lying to themselves. Then they get on their little computers and lie to as many others as they can. I’ve always disliked this phrase, but, MISERY LOVES COMPANY. I’m seriously considering giving my check to charity. I could use it, but I don’t really NEED it.

  • Nancy

    I just checked my checking account online and my $250 was deposited at midnight. I agree with everyone who states that this is a gift and we should be happy. I am going to stock up my house on essentials. I live alone but it’s hard for me to carry big items like water and laundry detergent and the likes.So I’m stocking up so I don’t have to worry for a long time about needing more. I think it was meant for us to put it into the economy. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Chris mankey

    “And YES there IS a God!! Read Josh McDowell’s evidence that demands a verdict and many other readings by former athiest who set out to disprove Christianity and while doing so became Christians. People who say God does not exist, have not taken out time to investigate, just repeating words from other noninvestigative fool”

    I’ve already done that. The arguments he uses are nonsense. There are far more books about former Christians who set out to strengthen thier “faith” an wound up losing it then there are books about atheists finding christianity. All of modern day science provides evidence on the unreliability of the bible.

  • elizabeth

    ok this may sound stupid….but… i heard my grandparents talking about the 250 and how they got a letter in the mail saying that they were going to receive 250$. I havent got a letter yet. I dont even know if i qualify to get the 250$. I am 22 years old, have a job, filed my taxes last year and i am not on disablity or SSI. SSi is for older people who have retired right? So if thats right, in other words if your not disabled or on SSI you dont get 250$?

  • elizabeth

    u know what i answered my own question, thanks anyways. i found a website that will help you understand if your wondering like i was. http://www.four-pillars.ca/2009/03/11/250-ssi-social-security-2009-stimulus-check-information-veterans/

  • karen

    i to have also been callingh my bank every day but i am very grateful they are sending us this amount- if you people can only complain ill gladly take it for you – i also receive ssi and i got rid of my cable , i quit smoking – went to dial up and make sure i pay my bills – i live in a nice 1 bedroom apartment and im thankful for everything that i have.

  • Larry

    Anyone else get there check yet ??

  • Kevin

    No DD as of yet. Maybe early Friday.

  • Dot

    Elizabeth-working people are getting stimulus money through a tax reduction. Go to Obama’s website for info. I believe the amount is about $15.00 per week in reduced taxes.

  • gail

    Though I appreicate extra money; it worries me that our elected officials bring yet another tibit to peoples tables.

    What is the hidden cost to the people; maybe our “FREEDOM”.
    Remember Socialism leads to communism; the definition of which is: COMMUNISM (from Latin communis = “common”) is a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general.

    When the government bails out businesses they become part of that business or businesses. Our government isn’t permitting natural consequences to happen, meaning bad business fail and go out of business.

    Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are prime examles of government run businesses!

  • Crystal

    Hey everyone just wanted to say that I got my check on may 5th but it was dated the 7th so couldn’t cash till today.My mom got hers today too may 7th.I don’t believe they are going by s.s #s because my last digits are 14 but my brother-in-law has a 2 on the end of his,if I had to guess I believe it may be alphabetical because my last name begins with B anyway that’s my theory.

  • Connie

    WTG Kevin Gray….couldn’t have said it better myself. I read the comment about the female 22 yr old wanting to know if she gets it.. Elizabeth your working yours is in your pay check weekly..and it’s more than the $250 SS recipents are getting. She should check her pay stubs.. arrogrant? Hell no.. some are just ungreatful and just plain stupid. It’s a gift people.. what other country gives that to the citizens? Like so many others have commented on..give it back you don’t deserve it…accept it and hush up !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanda

    If you receive SSI even if you are under 18 years old do you still get the $250.00 check? My son has not had his check deposited yet and I thought if minors receive SSI they do get a check. Please let me know if I am correct or not…Thanks!

  • Melody

    wow, I got my $250 last Monday and today, my husband got fired from his job. Reason given: Economic Conditions!

    Great trade off Obama!

  • Tia

    Whiny bunch ofmorons. the same people telling others to be grateful are ungrateful because they don’t get $250. Get over yourselves already!

  • Wanda

    Melody so you received 2 checks?

  • Melody

    I recieved 1 check, my 18 yr old son has NOT gotten his check yet. He has been disabled since birth.

  • Wanda

    Melody, I am so sorry to hear about your husband losing his job….

  • Melody

    thank you Wanda. We are in high gear at the moment…have called all the nessessary agencies to get things started (slow process) but are going job hunting today. We will not give up or let the system drag us down:)

  • Wanda

    Am I correct in thinking my son that is on SSI and he is only 15 will receive a check?

  • kirsten

    Wanda, yes your son on SSI will get the check you should have gotten a letter in the mail I got one for my son.

    PEOPLE pls quit bitching be glad your getting the 250 it could be nothing! I personally dont get the money but my son who is on ssi will get it and Im thankful for him I can get him some things that he wants or needs. If you complainers dont want it donate it to someone but be happy your getting an extra 250 sheesh

  • Wanda

    Thank you Kirsten. My son also received a letter in the mail. I wasn’t sure if they were sending that out to everyone though…I am agree with you, this money is for my son to get something he wants. Did your son receive his money yet?

  • Kirsten

    Hi Wanda, I just checked his bank acct. and it’s not there yet. I can’t find anywhere online that shows when it should be here Im not sure how they are deciding that. Will keep looking

  • gail

    Social Security’s One-Time Economic Recovery Payments Information Page: http://www.ssa.gov/payment/

    On May 7, 2009, the federal government issued the first economic recovery payments to people receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. The payments are being issued on a staggered basis throughout the month of May. Please do not contact us unless you have not received your payment by June 4, 2009.

    In February, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This act provides for the one-time payment of $250 to more than 50 million individuals who get Social Security and SSI benefits.

    Please bookmark this site and check back regularly. Thank you.

  • anthony constantino

    All my friends on social security have all gotten their stimulus money. Why haven’t I

  • Nici

    So my husband has not gotten his yet, but I know several people that have. I cannot find a definite pay schedule…..just that the payments will be staggered though May. Quick fact for all you smokers out there…..5 bucks a pack costs you $1825 a year. Hmmm could that be the money that you need for food and medicine? Give yourself a stimulus check…..quit smoking.

  • charlie O

    I have a neighbor that had to get on “SSI” because
    he got so sick with cancer while he was going to
    colledge. because he had to drop out of school
    and default on his student loan, he will not get
    his stimulus check. the Govt. will take it to pay
    back on his student loan. I think this is a cold
    shot on the Govt’s part. after seeing this, as a
    person that voted for obama, I wouldnt vote for
    him again. what a friggen sham this stimulus check
    thing has turned out to be. I also met a 60 year
    old woman that was told by SSI that she wouldnt get
    her check either because her “deceased” husband owed
    some kind of energy loan from 30 years ago. if you
    realy think about it, if you have grown children, and
    they are working, hahaha..they are actualy the people
    paying for theese stimulus checks, so thank your kids
    for the extra $250 bucks, it’s actualy comming out of
    their paychecks.

  • Tia

    Charlie O stop whining and please learn to spell.

  • Jennifer

    Some people really need SSI and some people are just freeloading asses that are scrams and drug addicts. I only make $29,000 a yea I pay $900 rent $300 a month on utilities and $125 a week in day care not to mention food. I get no assistance. I know people who are handi capped and still work. Go get a job. There are people who have down syndrome, no legs, no arms brain damaged and still work. SSI has all types of help for people who are disable to get a parttime job that would soot them. Stp having excuses and get off ur ass.

  • Connie

    Charlie… I live with a man that couldn’t pay back his student loan due to being disabled.. He got his $250 check.
    Everyone listens to everybody.. that knows nothing..Go to the source for your information..

  • charlie O

    yea ok….like everything else in life…those that have
    good fortune, are bubbeling with good news..lmao,

  • garalou

    I agree that these people who are complaining are just acting like “whiny brats”… grow up. I don’t qualify to get one — so what. And guess what — I’m a medical transcriptionist…the lowest paying job (not career on the planet–typing for some docs who cannot utter a sentence properly). I’m still poor, but you don’t see me complaining! GROW UP! I can see you whiners in heaven “Oh, I don’t have enough emeralds and gold on my mansion”.

  • Shorty

    I believe that this whole bunch of crap just another way for the rich to steal what is ours I live on disability and can’t work even if I wanted to every month I am thinking about how I am gonna pay and who i should pay I 674 a month my rent is 440 lights run about 200 and I 100 dollars for a crappy phone service By the time I get the bills paid I have done pawned everything of value just to have to do it again the next month quit giving to the rich and worry about the ones that are barely making day by day

  • juana

    just remember, if you owe i.r.s. you will not be receiving a check. it will be deducted from what you owe. that is my siuation. boo hoo

  • juana


  • juana

    the last 2 of my ss# is 82. end of the line. lol

  • Betty

    I am not even sure we are getting one, I hope so. My 6 year old is on disibility due to a condition he was born with. I am greatfull for any amount of money I can get even though I wish it were more. My fience got laid off 3 weeks ago and his unemployment is only $83 a week. When we add in our sons SSI we have only about $800 a month for a family of 4. We have rent, light, phone, gas (for our trailer), gas for our car, car payment, car insurance, and food to buy. All of you that are complaining about getting the money, would you rather not be getting anything at all. If we get one it is going on our light bill. Stop and think about what you can use the money on. If you are complaining that much then maybe you are not as bad off as you think.

  • charlie O

    a comment to “TIA” why dont you mind your own
    grey haired, ol worn out business…ol hag

  • Tia

    Charlie O, sweetie, I’m 22. Try again!

  • Robert

    All I hear from you people is complaints of what you are getting and what you are not. If you don’t like our government then why don’t you move to another country.

  • Larry

    Haven’t received my check yet but i sure am thankful that I’m getting one. Going to get me some new eye glasses. Anyone received theirs today ? Hope i get it this week. My last numbers is 48.
    Everyone have a good day–Larry

  • Misty

    First payments were sent out on May 7, 2009….read a little closer! It says it right on the website! However, someone said that children under 18 on SSI were not getting a stimulus. They are. Everyone should have gotten a letter stating if you are or are not eligible for the free money! Note, I said free money…..be happy your getting some.

  • im glad to get the 250.00 every thing help but if they had of give eveyone money to buy a new car every thing would turn around what is wrong the prices donot the wages my husband is gm retired hello

  • Melody

    No disrespect intended, but it is NOT free money. It comes with a price to all of us, even us on SSD, SSI etc.

    As I stated before, Obama is giving you $250 now, but taking away from you later byway of no cost of living increase until maybe 2012. Mine was worth $25 per month this year..do the math, you are paying quite a price for that “free” $250.00 !

  • dan reed

    I’m 60 years old, been on disability for several years
    due to diabetic complications. about 20 years ago
    I lost my job in the timber industry, so I enrolled
    in school to learn to be a automotive electrician.
    but about four months into my classes, the diabetes
    hit me out of the blue and I was so sick I had to withdraw
    from my classes of wich were partly paid for with a student
    loan. I have been making payments on this loan whenever
    I had any extra money. I was told by a friend, that I will
    not recieve the $250.00 check, because the feds will take
    it and apply it toward my student loan. I understand that
    I am responsable for the student loan, but I dont see
    how taking my stimulus check and applying it toward my
    loan generates any money into the economy. I thought the
    whole reason for the stimulus check was to get some money
    circulated into the economy. gosh darnit, what a
    disapointment. but I’m still glad for you folks that will
    have a little extra loot this month.

  • Daisey Bell

    I thank God for the extra $ 250.00 a month because it’s better than nothing. Whether you are disabled, broke and etc, it’s a blessing. To the person who doesn’t believe in God, just because things may not be as you think they should be and people are suffering and broke, doesn’t mean there is no God. It was God who woke you up this morning and breathe the breath of life into you. Things would be alot worst if it wasn’t for God’s goodness and mercy. I feel sorry for you because you are obviously missing something very valuable in your life that money can’t buy. I pray that God will touch your mind, heart and your mouth and heal you so that you can better understand him. Don’t let real trouble come knocking on your door that you’re not equipped to handle without God. Be thankful for the $ 250.00. It’s $ 250.00 more than what you started out with. People always find the negative side to everything. I on the other hand as well as many others, look at the positive side. Sometimes just being positive puts you in a better position to receive more and all that’s in store for you.

  • Tia

    Dan reed i’m sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things turn out well for you. God bless.

  • Connie

    Mr. Reed… something to check into… ask the company that you have your student loan with if you have no earned income and just recieve social security must you still pay that loan back. I think there is something to help you there. My guy is in the same situation and he has not paid on his loan since 2000. I forget what the program is called check into it… good luck to you

  • rolinda

    everyone is blaming obama come on he stepped into the office that bush screwed up everyone is not looking at the big picture bush messed up not obama is not at fault be thankful for the 250 so we dont get an incress at least we have the checks every month look at the people loosing jobs we could loose our monthly check because of bush he put us were we are today and his dad so lets really figure out who to blame so be thakful for the 250 and use something good

  • Melody

    Dan Reed, call this number and check if you have an offset (it is automated and it will tell if you have anything that could offset your $250) 1800-304-3107

    I did not vote for Bush or Obama but I must inform you that Obama is at fault for some of this, just as Bush is.
    The housing bubble caused this great problem we are having right now, lots of people with bad credit got loans they couldnt afford, signed morgages that didnt charge interest or low interest at first and then got higher as the years passed. Banks made bad choices and now we pay the price.
    Obama is to blame for some of this because HE and EVERYONE else in Congress, never even read the 1000 plus page stimulus package….they just signed it!

    Things got passed in that bill that never should have been writted into it but because they want signatures to pass the bill, they let every one put a little bit into the bill. For instance AIG, they got stimulus money to save their company, however, it was written into the bill that out of that money, that bonuses would be paid…Im not talking $20 dollar bonuses, I am taking hundreds of thousand dollar bonuses…
    This is just an example…
    you keep your bone, I’ll fight for the steak!

    Also, if you dont think a cost of increase is important, then mail your recent “monthly” increase’s back to the government because obviously, you dont need it.

    My increase this year is $25 per month, thats $300 a year, until maybe 2012! DO the math…thats a loss of $350 OR MORE!

  • ann

    Each man, woman and child could have received $1,000,000.00 and we would have spent less than the recovery plan. Can you imagine? Now that would have put money back into our economy. Am I wrong?

  • Melody

    AMEN! Now that would have been a plan to invest in!

  • jimg1474

    I am 70 years old, and I live in a senior citizen apartment. A $250 area rug will brighten up my living space, and thus brighten up my life. Thanks Mr President.

  • Kate

    I am on disability and take over $1500 a month in medications. The medicare pharmacy allowance is a waste for me. I fall in the donut hole within 2 months leaving me 10 months to scramble. I don’t have $4500 a year to spare to pay for my meds.

    I appreciate $250 more but unlike the person happy to get a rug, I just want to be able to afford my meds to live. That would brighten my life. My one med is $975 a month and for 10 months I have to rely on the kindness of doctors and sometimes pharmaceutical companies to help get me what I need.

  • Connie

    Kate… something to look into.. go to http://www.scbn.org
    there are programs out there to help you with your meds. It won’t hurt to call them and ask. Good Luck!

  • carolyn

    I would have been happy with $50. After the 15th of the month, when food becomes scarce, especially when you are on a fixed income and live in the State of CA. and the Governor of CA gave you $2.00 extra for SSI and on April 15th, we all received a letter that he was taking $35.00 to help with the budget. Now that’s a real bummer. I have one concern, why didn’t they just hit the button for direct deposit and give it to us instead of having us to check on a daily basis to find out if the money was in our account. No one in CA has received theirs as of today 5/12/09. I have friends in Southern States who have already received theirs. I don’t blame OBAMA, I blame myself not for being disabled, but for not planning better during my early years for the later years.

  • marie

    I recieve SSi in california.
    I have one son who is now 22 yrs. old and not living at home.

    I couldbe recieving SSD through my late dads social security, which would be 1200 a month.
    But then when you get more the government takes more, so it ends up being close to the same.
    once when my son was working part time and they sent us foodstamps, and we accurately reported everything they asked for, still they sent me a request claiming 350 dollar overpayment, so i do not know if i will get this stimulus check.
    It is so unfair. I am disabled and i also have been going through breast cancer treament, and they keep taking away the little extra i counted on… like a renters rebate….too. I have no family looking out for me or to turn to,but my son has been very good to me, so I am luckier than most!

    Even though things are technically bad
    i have faith inGod and Hehasfaithfully provider for all ofmy needs generously…
    no one would guess what i actually have to live on!!

  • Thelma

    My Sister inlaw in modesto calif received hers the 7th of May. I haven,t received mine yet I live in KS

  • charles

    hahaha send me your money, ill use it, i need money for a plane ticket.

  • mikey

    Hell, im going to add that 250.00, to the 700.00 i have save and just go to disney world…………i needs some fun

  • Edward

    The put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009” you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports

  • ann

    If you get SS you will receive your $250 the Monday following your regular Wednesday..If you recieve VA benefits, you will receive your money in June, and RR will get yours in July. Example: you receive your SS on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. You will get your money the following Monday

  • Larry

    Ann thats not true my ss check comes the second wed of the month (13th) and i get mine the 250.00 the 14th- it was sent to my debit card and could not get my funds till the 14th

  • CJ

    This is for Frank, I don’t feel sorry for you because you don’t believe in GOD. I feel sorry for you because when you die, HELL is not a good place to be, I will pray for you soul. As for me getting the $250. I am going to spend it on my child that is disabled, by buying her meds. and getting her a new toy. I will pray for all you helpless souls, and I have GREAT FAITH that GOD will answer my prayers.

  • ann

    Larry…I’m confused…it’s not even the 14th yet. today is the 13th..you get your check tomorrow? Or did it come today?

  • ann

    So, if you get your check the 3rd Wed of the month..you will get it the following day…instead of the following Monday..??

  • Larry

    My regular ss check comes today the 13th-my 250.00 stimulus check was deposited to my debit card a few days ago (directexpress) and it wont post on my debit card until the 14th

  • conroyT

    Larry, how do you know it was posted to your direct express account?

  • ann

    Larry–Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying…so I get mine on the 27th (4th Wed of the month),,so I’ll get mine probably on the 28th…

  • jimg1474

    I believe in God, and I feel blessed, that something as simple as an area rug can brighten up my life. I am also glad that I live in the good old USA, where Medicare, Medicaid, and Kaiser Permanente keep my health needs in check.

  • jimg1474

    Ann, from what I was able to understand, from the ssa site, you are probably right.

  • ann

    Thanks jimg1474..well appreciated!

  • conroyT

    What about the SSI payments? If i get my SSI payment at the beginning of the month, when should I expect my check.

  • conroyT

    Well I actually use direct express.

  • jimg1474

    conroy T, again from what I understand,ssi payments will made on the 18th, and va payments will be made in june.

  • ann

    jimg1474…I’m just curious what they will do with me..I get both SS and VA..lol..wonder how they will pay me? I know you don’t have the answer, just writing ‘outloud’..I’m curious though….

  • conroyT

    Thank you, thats what I thought.

  • ann

    I know I’m only getting one check, just wondering which pay period they will choose…

  • jimg1474

    ann, other then one check, can not find any information anywhere.

  • ann

    Thanks jimg…good info!

  • cole

    Do you not get the check if you owe college tuition?

  • Thelma

    my ss on 5/13 got my 250 today too my ss last number is 86

  • amanda

    My ex got his $250 on 5/8. His check always comes on the third of the month. He has direct deposit. The last 2 digits of his soc. are 76.

    My son hasn’t gotten his soc. His check always comes on the first. He does not have direct deposit. His last 2 digits are 45.

  • ann

    Amanda, from what the SS site states, your checks should arrive just following your normal SS date..Like mine comes on the 4th Wed. of each month. This month that is the 27th. I should received my $250 on the 28th…SSI should get their checks on the 18th. VA should get theirs in June..RR should get theirs in July. That is just what the SS website states.

  • Melody

    BIG question to all those who have gotten their money.
    Do you get SSI or SSD?

    I get SSD and I got my $250 last Monday (the 7th) but my son gets SSI and he has not gotten his money yet. According to the SS website, it says
    “Planning to certify the SSI payments on 5/9/09 and issue ERPs to SSI recipients on 5/18/09.”

    So, to those who got ERP money, how many are SSI?
    ERP = Economic Relief Payments

  • ann

    SSI get theirs on the 18th…that’s the way it reads, so I would assume that all SSI get theirs on the 18th…isn’t that how you read it, Melody? I get Old Age SS and will get mine the day after my regular deposit…as will all others..Many should have received theirs today….

  • Melody

    Ann, that is exactly how I read it, I was just taking a poll of those of us who actually got the $250, if they were SS or SSI.

  • Julie

    Hmmm , I could live without cable , cell phone , cigs . There is Life Line phone services based on your income . There is low income housing that usually includes at least your water . STOP SMOKING !!!! TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE not to mention it’s killing you and the cost it causes to Health Care !!!!

  • Jamie

    I would like to first say: Frank – you are an ass!

    Second: I quit smoking 9 years ago, which saved about $160 a month, (would be more now) so some of you may consider that.

    Third: Frank – you are an ass!

    Fourth: The $250 is like $2500 to me. I’m grateful to have that much coming.

    Fifth: People who rag on other people about their spelling are idiot trolls.

    Sixth: Frank – you are an ass!

    God bless you, Vanessa! And you too, Frank. ;)

  • Tia

    I’m feeling pretty awful reading what alot of people ar going through. I will use mine to get a new pair of glasses.I have been wearing these glasses for 4 years now. I have headaches everyday now and now I can hardly see with the glasses. I believe in God, people suck.I’m on SSI because my older brother thought it would be fun to molest me, while my parents left him in charge. I have ptsd and major depression. I don’t cut myself anymore , but when it hits me its hits hard. I will never be feel normal. I hate when I have to repeat what has happened to me, I hate to cry, I hate to feel weak! He died in prison in 2006 ( in prison for killing one of his triplet babies and hurtin another one) . I have so many unresolved issues because of this. I don’t trust anyone, I hate being around people, and I hardly ever leave the house. I feel uncomfortable outside my my home.I’m a good person though and there are lots that I would have liked to do with my life. when I did my review for SSI the lady told me , don’t ever just settle, she said i’m very intelligent go to school and become something great, im smart enough. She said I could be a doctor, nurse or whatever I want. I hate being around people but I hate to see people suffer, I like to help. It’s crazy really. I would literally give the sweater off my back to a person in need, and I have done that ask my husband. The world is a nasty place. God Bless all of you!

  • melissa

    I have no leaks and my water bill is always around $100 dollars. The sewer cost is added on the water bill and it is higher than the water. I doubt I’ll get my stimulus I owe a student loan from years ago.

  • Mike

    Thanks Prez. for the 250.00 it will go a long way for more Budweiser and cigs

  • jimg1474

    Tia, I hear you. God hears you, but you are not hearing God. God will not only Bless all of us, He will Bless you too! Jesus is Love.

  • Mikis

    I get my SSI on the 1st, and my SSD on the 3rd. My last two numbers on SSN is 42. My last name starts with Sa. I’ve not received the $250.00 but all the disabled peeps I know have. I use direct deposit. I did get the letter stating I get the $250.00. I just wonder when. I too will buy glasses.

  • ann

    I believe I’m correct in saying you get your SSI on the 18th. That is wht the SS info sheet states…hope that helps, and enjoy your new glasses….

  • ann

    I mean your $250.00 for the SSI…

  • Melody

    I dont want to sound uncaring but I too was molested as a child (by a step father). I come from a majorly disfuncitional family, most of whom have dis-owned each other. lol
    The only reason you feel like a victim, is becuase you are allowing yourself be be a victim. You are letting the world, rule you and it should be the other way around. Go to school, get training and over come your disabilities. If you dont, then you are cheating yourself out of a nice healthy , happy life!

  • ann

    That’s right Melody! I too am a victor (My paternal grandfather.) I chose to be the victor, not the victim…And I also watched my husband shoot himself to death in 2003. We each have dysfuntion in our lives, but it is how we choose to process all of it that makes the difference. I realize this is not what this forum is for, but had to comment on Tia’s state of affairs…after all, she shared it with us for a reason…God Bless each and everyone one of you, and spend your $250 wisely!

  • Still A Kid

    I know for a fact that my mom is happy and grateful to have the extra income. Despite the amount, she’s got money to put towards bills and stuff she couldn’t cover with her disability. Heck, I’m happy for her. She’s got me, a 17 year old early graduate, that she’s still taking care of and she practically whooped when she heard about it. Now she should have enough for groceries, medication that isn’t covered, and other stuff she may need. Thanks Mr. Pres for the assistance, mom sure needed it.

  • bobo bolinski

    it’s nice to get that stimulus check, but it’s terrible they’re taking away the social security cost of living check as well as raising medicare part B by $20. a month. i’m out about $100. a month because of that.

  • Melody

    UPDATE: My handicapped son gets SSI and his $250 was in the bank, today:) Too Bad more then 1/2 has to stimulate my landlords wallet instead of our own!

  • How about the Veteran”s $250.00 anyone got thier’s yet?

  • jimg1474

    bobo, ah no, I’m not going to waste my time. You have a good day bobo,or who ever you are.

  • william

    250 is great.but what if you owe the state or federal gov. they just take your stimulis check anyway,so what good is it afterall? i really thought it was to help, it’s not helping if u guys take it right back, shame on you guys.

  • ann

    Veterans will get theirs in June….according to the Social Security website…

  • ann

    that’s true Melody, but…thank God for the $250 or he wouldn’t be able to give it to the landlord…right?

  • dan reed

    Hi everyone….just thought I would share this info.
    in case anyone else out there mite be wondering
    I also am on “SSI” and recieved the letter about
    getting a $250.00 check. so I was checking my
    direct deposit every day. well I got a letter in the
    mail yesterday telling me that because I defaulted
    $300.00 on a student loan “25”years ago, that I would
    not be recieving the $250.00 check. granted, I owed
    the money, but I thought this money was for getting
    the economy moving. how paying off a 25 year old student
    loan helps the economy is behond me. this stimulus thing
    has cost this country a fortune.

  • Connie


  • Sharon

    I’m grateful for this money and just wish the check would hurry and get here. I have only $12 of my disability check left, to last the rest of the month. Like everybody else, I need my stimulus check to pay bills. I’ve already had the electricity cut several times, most recently this month, and am also in arrears with the water company, which has been charging me more than $100 per month.

    I’m on disability and often don’t feel well enough to leave the house, so I truly value my cable and internet as being the only things that take my mind off constant pain, but of course I’m behind on that bill, too, as well as the bill for the phone, which I need in order to contact my doctors. And to my distress, gas is going up in price again. Despite having Medicare, I have a stack of medical bills a foot high, from recent surgery and I’m several months behind on paying my Part D premium.

    The extra $250 will be just a drop in the bucket, but I don’t care — I just hope I get it soon.

  • Kate

    We got our regular check today 20th and will let you know if the 250 comes the day after..

  • Tracie

    John and any others who are saying work harder for more money must be living in some other country or never was or had a permanently disabled family member!
    I was born with a serious inherited disability. However, I went to school with great difficulty and ended up getting a Ged because in those days they did not have any accomadations for the disabled. I have raised 5 children, 4 my own. I have been a foster parent to 4 foster children and did day care from my home until I no longer could. I have volunteered at church, 4H, Boy Scouts, my kids schools and soccer teams, just to name a few things. I am 52 now and I still stay as active as I can, but my syndrome is progressive. Because I could too easily get hurt on the job and did not have a wheel chair or other needed special equipment and training I am not a very desirable employee.
    Have you seen the countless job losses and people taking any work they can get! People have had wages cut more than in half and have lost their health insurance. I know families paying over $800. monthly in health insurance premiums. It must be nice to be rich or not have the responsibility of young children.
    I am wondering if the $250. I did receive is going to cut off my measly amount of Food Stamps that still does help me be able to buy some food.

  • Tracie

    Oh and I forgot to mention that my check has to pay my taxes on my van. I am thankful I have my home and my car. I am thankful for friends who built me raised boxes and brought me dirt to fill them so I can save and eat healthier by growing my own vegetables from my wheelchair. Oh and yes there is a great and awesome God, Savior, Creator. I would rather live and believe there is a God than to live like there isn’t and find out I was wrong!

  • Gregg

    The @250.oo stimulus check is analogous to a heroin addict with a thousand dollar a day habit scoring two dime bags of smack. It feels good for those few minutes you have it, but when it’s gone it’s back to square one. Same with the $250.00, it feels good buying groceries or some clothes for the children. But what about tomorrow or next week or next month when there is no more checks on the way……….The check is only a feel good move by the federal government period…..


  • Pointdexter

    So Many economic analysts, so few brains. If the government takes it from you for student loans, back taxes, etc. it will still go back into the economy. No matter what you spend it on, it will STILL go back into the economy. It’s not for YOU. It’s for the ECONOMY!!!

  • Pointdexter

    If the money goes towards a student loan or tax debt, you won’t have to pay that amount later. That leaves more for you in your next monthly check. Is it too simple?
    The government will then take a small amount from EVERYONE over the next year to cover the cost.The rich and the poor. NOT JUST FROM YOU! NOT JUST FROM THE POOR, OR THE ELDERLY OR THE DISABLED. Take a look at how other countries take are of their poor and disabled and elderly. STOP BEING SO DAMNED PARANOID!
    If you’re so convinced that the U.S. government is “out to get you”, then take your next check and LEAVE!!! If you want to complain about what’s going on, find out what’s going on first.
    You’re lucky to have an electricity bill, a water bill, a phone bill. If you didn’t you’d be homeless or dead.

    Enjoy your money, whether you get it directly or indirectly.:)

  • ann

    The Veterans do get theirs in June…but that is speaking of those Vets who are not on SS…those on SS get it like all other SS recipients…

  • LEE


  • gina

    Well maybe people should start thinking of suing bush and everyone in messing up this country.Start pointing your fingers to the people who put us in this hole.Thank you obama for your $250.00.At least he is trying to put this country together.While bush and vice president are at home with no worries.Just hard working Americans have suffer.

  • Marsha

    If you have a defaulted or owed student loan or think you do or owe any back taxes or think you do or have deliquent child support payments owed or think you do, or have an out standing traffic ticket or think you do call 1-800-304-3107 to find out if they have kept your $250.00 SS one time payment to offset the debt.

    I am on SS disability (dying of colon cancer metastasized to lungs and liver) and called this number just to see.

    Sure enough May 7th the $250.00 was applied to a debt I owe. 1 traffic ticket and 1 student loan ~ Both things I thought I had taken care of. Oh well, my fault and I know now (wry grin).

    So, there you have it.

  • catlady

    My hubby and i have not received anything yet. We are still watiing. Have been reading peoples posts on here and have ound out some info on the checks. We both get out diability checks the last wednesday of the month so doe sthat mean we will get our $250 the day after. We could use it right now. We hav enot had any food for over two weeks and have ato walk everywhere we go. But I know we are not alone and there are other people out there with more serious problems than we have. Thanks for the info.

  • Thelma

    catlady you should get your check on the 28th of may from what it says on social security

  • ann

    Catlady—I worry so much when I read about situations like yours. The walking doesn’t worry me, but the ‘no food’ does. Of course I am not in a position to help everyone who is without food, but I can still worry about you. Is there a church close that you can tell you need just a little help until next Wednesday? I will pray you find someone who can help…I know there are so many, but each situation is as worthy as the next!

  • Kevin

    When will you get your money?
    Social Security is squeamish about specifying a schedule because it doesn’t want to alarm folks who might not get the payment when they expect it. But you should get your money within a few days after you receive your regular monthly benefit. If your benefit is normally deposited into your bank account on the second Wednesday of the month, for example, the extra $250 should show up by the following Monday.



  • Mikis

    I get my SS on the 3rd. and got the $250.00 on the 18th.

  • Kevin

    If you get SS or SSDI you should get it Thur. If you get SSI you should have gotten it on the 18th unless the feds or the state had a lien on it.

  • Kevin

    You probably got yours on the 18th because you are on SSI. People on Regular SS retirement or SSDI(disability) get theirs the day after their regular monthly check.

  • catlady

    Thanks so much for your concern Ann. well the walking everywhere is not so bad but withmy congestive heart failure and my bad heart valve there are someplaces I jsut cannot walk to but Id ow hat I can. we go to a Christian Food Bank around the 10th of the month ut they giv ehardly anything. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate everything we get but it just does not go very far. They have so many families now that are on this food bank thing thet ther is just not enough to go around. I will be so glad when day after tomorrow gets here and we actually have some food and a littl gas to go where we need to. I appreciate your comments and Thelmas comment too. May god bless all of you.



  • ann

    Catlady…things are looking brighter for you, I hope. Yes, Wednesday is my regular check day also, then Thursday we will get our $250.00. Please take care of yourself, and be thankful, as I know you are…for we don’t have to ask God where our clothes come from, or our food..We just know..it all comes from Him, and He will always provide!

  • ann

    You’ll get yours this coming Thursday, the 28th….


    How can you find this information out about the dates of the payments ?

  • annThe put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009″ you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports


    The put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009″ you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports



  • Juan Viejo

    Only those of us who get monthly Social Security or SSI (welfare) payments will receive the $250 handout. We who no longer work and pay SSA taxes and those who never paid SSA taxes thank you who are working and paying SSA taxes so we can get our freebees from the U.S. Givemint. Ain’t it great! Everything in America is free (for us amigos).

  • Juan Viejo

    Social Security’s One-Time Economic Recovery Payments Information Page
    (Aquí en español)

    Watch a brief video about
    the one-time payment

    On May 7, 2009, the federal government issued the first economic recovery payments to people receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. The payments are being issued on a staggered basis throughout the month of May. Please do not contact us unless you have not received your payment by June 4, 2009.

    In February, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This act provides for the one-time payment of $250 to more than 50 million individuals who get Social Security and SSI benefits.

  • Gary

    Here is the link you need to follow foer the ssa weekly report. You must have Microsoft Exel to veiw. I’ll send more info if the link does not work after I post it.


  • Gary

    Go to this site, download exel viewer, and click on report for 5/22/2009


  • sarah

    I receive survivor benefits do i receive the 250 dollars

  • rex

    i am on s.s.i. and havent got the 250.00 yet. when can i expect it??

  • annThe put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009″ you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports

    Sarah..if you don’t owe the Fed or State any money, you should get $250.00. I got my reg check today, and i am a SS survivor, and I believe I, and probably you, will get our checks tomorrow, the 28th.

  • sarah

    Ann thanks for the response, but i was told by Social security today that widows do not receive the 250

  • Juan Viejo

    SSA says call them after June 4th if your $250 bonanza check/deposit is not received by then. Don’t bother the feds unnecessarily; they are busy reading Ingles and Marx literature. I got my $250 yesterday. I plan to send it home to my relatives in Mexico to help pay a coyote to bring them north.

  • annThe put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009″ you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports

    I received my $250.00 today, and my regular survivor benefit check yesterday…Thank you God, and thank you President Obama! Every little bit helps!

  • annThe put the projected dates for the money here http://www.ssa.gov/recovery/ go to “Weekly Reports” an “Report of 05/08/2009″ you’ll need the excel viewer and there’s a link for that right below the reports

    Sara..I am a widow, so I don’t know why they told you that…that’s crazy! you should have received yours today

  • Ann

    Sara…maybe I misunderstood…You have to be a widow on SS death pension…so you have to be over 60…perhaps you aren’t?

  • sarah

    Ann I received my 250 yesterday
    Thanks for your help
    I dont know why i got an incorrect answer from ss

  • harold maenhout

    June 1

    It is now June 1 and I have not received my ss stim deposit. Last two number of my ss is 77. I understand that they wer all mailed out for deposit by May 16.

    What has happened to mine? Iam desperate.

    Harold E. Maenhout

  • jimg1474

    Harold, the last numbers of your ss, have nothing to do with anyting. Read the threads, and you will get the answer to all of your questions.



  • Jim

    This stimlus is a joke and so is Social Security. I don’t get the money because I was not on SS as Of November of 2008. Is that fair. I am on SS, I paid in to it and still do. I can tell you how SS works night and day to keep you from getting money while they build new buildings and take high paychecks. If your young and think your getting SS money your dreaming.

  • Stacy

    I want to know if anyone has any legit info about the Vets 250.00 when are they coming we know if u dont got it by 7/10 to call but seriously there isnt any sced.? Why do the vets have to suffer and wait and play the guessing game?

  • ntr

    this is a nice gesture..surprised by it…will it really help anyone it may a tiny bit but..it’s like a nice surprise gift…still can’t imagine anyone else doing it so the fact it’s happening is surprising…thanks

  • Brenda


  • robert

    why does the government include the SSIrecipient to recieve stimulus tax.dont they know that most of them people spend the money to the casinos.what a lucky people,wake up government officials,these people is/are better off than the us citizens who work 20-30 years from the government.some of the government retirees do not even recieved thesame amount from the social security. whatkind of a government is this.are we not suppose to help ours before rendering help to someone.lets wake up,i think we been sleeping too tight,after all, these people really work so hard for that money.thanks government.

  • Nancy

    I would really like to know why we are not getting a cost of living raise for two years!!! And the price for Medicare part B is going up to $119 next year and $123 the year after that. If I read in mid October that we will not get a COL raise,I will call and cancel my Medicare part B and my Drug Insurance and just tell my doctor to prescribe from the walmart $4 list.

  • Adrian

    I don’t understand a lot about the economices of this. If our goverment can’t afford a cost of living increase, where does it save money, borrowing money to give a one time check, and them paying interest on the loan. A lump sum helps only days after you get the check. A cost of living increase ( even if it is small ) helps all year long. Will some one PLEASE take time to explain this.

  • troy

    I’m very grateful for the 250 dollars i’ve been living with HIV for twenty three years. I’m grateful to be in a country who has medicine for hiv I had full blown AIDS in 1996 with a t-4 count of 0.I believe in GOD and believe he left me here for a reason.If your not starving or homeless then your just fine.Because theirs millionaires out there who are more miserable than you.So Thank GOD your alive and try to put life in perspective.Love you all and wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

  • Gail

    I read here – http://www.savingtoinvest.com/2009/10/extra-250-for-social-security.html – that Obama is extending the SS payment into 2010. Has this been confirmed and when can I expect payment? I really need all the help I can get.

  • Nancy

    It was rported that we are not getting a raise because the price of gas has gone down. Last week here in Va. it was 2.19 and now it’s 2.45. That does not sound like it’s going down. And about the $250. I’m assuming we will get that next year. If it’s passed. Looks like i will be eating ramen soup 3 or 4 days a week. Great for my blood pressure.

  • Linda McCleary

    Here’s the scoop on two fronts:
    1. Obama didn’t take away or freeze anything. In 1975 it was decided that when the cost of living index goes down, social security and disability cost of living raises will not be given.

    2. No one can prove there is a god, and no one can prove that there is not. There is no proof—only evidence and the evidence that a person accepts as more convincing than another depends upon a whole list of psychological and experiential stuff. Basically, we believe what makes us feel good, feel comfortable, and like ourselves more. We chose the evidence that resonates with our own life experiences and there are sinners and saints in both camps. Be nice to each other.

  • My husband and I are on SSI disability. He has End Stage Renal Desease and I have a list of health problems and one being Kidney problems. And we are thankful for what little we get. We have moved 4 times in 3 months and with rent and deposits, lights, gas and water,ect.. Then our truck broke down, it’s hard to get by anymore and I have a feeling it’s going to get harder still. Now I have to worry how I’m gonna get money for my husband to get back and fourth to Dialisys on the bus. But like I tell him God hasn’t let us down yet and he will provide us with what we need to get by. And every little bit helps. But Obama promised not to raise taxes and wouldn’t touch medicare and look what they are doing now. What a government we have, now they are trying to tell us what to do with our money? I don’t understand how we have gotten this far before all this happened. We don’t get much, and everything is on hold,I tell the companies take a # and stand in line like everyone else. Sorry we have to live this way. Thanks for listening.

  • Jerry Honeycutt

    Please know that this SSI problem need not be at all. It’s the Health Insurance,smoke and mirrors thing,that cause problems. Why pay an insurance company anywhere from $7,000. to $15,000. a year to pay your medical bills, especially like some people who haven’t been for medical treatment for 10 years or more. If Hospitals were Incorperated and people bought shares in Hospitals instead of blowing money to the wind with Insurance Companies, when medical treatment was needed they could cash in their shares, accordingly. At retirement when Medicare kicks in, they would own valuable shares,not worthless Insurance. They could cash in their shares,if finantially needed, or pass them on in their Will. One could borrow against their shares for a House, car, vacation, etc.. Dr.visits could be paid through shares or out of pocket, YOU’ll have the money. Resoprosity would kick in, when you move. There would be no cancellations, and back up Insurance could be purchased, if you felt the need. All your wasted Insurance money would support Hospitals, Doctors and, especially You.


  • Juan Dednam

    Is thier another stimulus check coming and when

  • Jerry

    To those, articals that, refer to, whether, God exists? Yes, the God, you are, refering to, does exist. Except that He/She, over extended, Her/Himself, and created, a muiti, multi, universe, situation. He/She, is maxed out, dealing with these, millions and millions of maxi-universe’s, out there. She/He is totally, Spaced-Out (no pun intended),dealing with all, the complaints, reguest, and maintainance, leaving, this, coming of age, minor planet, to it’s own, preservation. Much like, you have to do, when you have, several children. You teach them, the best you can, and what you can. They are not perfect. But, usually at, a, certain point, they are, on, their own. You can, only, hope, for the best. So try,very, very, hard, to do, your best. And, Remember to, always, try to, keep in touch, with yourself. And, most of all, remember, you are, forever, in, (His/Her), thoughts.

  • judi

    Now, come on everyone. We shouldnt complain about the $250. After all, they had to find the money somewhere for the raises all the politicians got that help with the great decision making of taking care of their seniors. Its a shame they dont fall under the same catagories as the rest of the seniors in the real world.

  • I kind of like getting 250. at least I can pay something down which can’t be done with an extra 10-11 dollars a month. Anybody know when we can expect the check?

  • As I read through the comments I see the majority are saying 250.00 is not enough.!!
    Let me ask you: What Is Enough??
    If your looking for a lottery win then buy a ticket.
    The 250.00 that is coming in my name will be accepted with a smile on my face..
    50 million of US will be getting that check, now get out your pencils and do the math…..
    Be Thankful that you have a mail box or your direct deposit and that you will be getting a small windfall starting in May.

  • Darlene

    I really don’t understand there are comments on here that says the checks are in the mail as early as March 2009.All the way through Dec. 9th,2009 an today is Dec.13,2009 when are the checks actually going to be sent out??? Does anyone know.This is very confusing. Is it May of 2010 or what..?? No check have come yet. right ??????

  • adamluv

    [from what I’ve heard] We are getting another check in 2010 and I am grateful. I need $250.00 to get a new dental plate and this $$ will give me my smile back.

  • Nancy

    Has Congress even passed this bill yet? I’ve read that if we do get this new check that it will come in the first quarter of 2010. By the end of March.

  • allan

    i heard we geting the 250 before christmass

  • adamluv

    allan please post your source of that info

  • steve segall

    I called social security last week and the gentleman there said that the legislation had not bee passed as of then.
    It was about December 15th 2010. Steve

  • steve segall

    I called social security on or about december 17th 2010 and the gentleman there said he had no information when and if there will be a stimulus check. Steve

  • are we really not getting the 250 in jan like obama promisedplease en=mail and let m know we are not getting an cost of living raise

  • katherine

    Please everyone be thankful for what you do have and stop putting the government down. Don’t you realize that other people that are not from the United States sometimes read the information that we put on the internet. The president of the United States is trying to do all he can to help those who need help. Show him respect by giving him time to fix some of the problems that he did not cause. If he had not bailed out some of the banks and car companies, we would be in a depression by now, and then what would be your complaint. The $250.00 payment that I received, didn’t buy me a cadilac, but it sure help me buy the food and pay for heat for my home. I truly appreciate whatever is given to me at anytime, and I wish that we as a nation would understand that we are a free people who should back our president and not talk about him negatively. It does the whole country an injustice, and we look bad to other countries that we are trying to help. We must live together and help one another and not be unthankful and greedy. There are many people that don’t have anything that are more thankful than some of you who have made such negative comments.

  • Betty

    we can no longer get help with our medicare premium (we have a $9,700 deductible every six months) just to get any help my husband has less than 20% use of his lungs left, i’ve had to botched neck surgeries which i’m now told that they can’t do anything to help me. we can’t afford our prescriptions anymore and what do they honestly think that $250.00 is going to do especially when they are not going to give us anymore next year and of course we are suppossedly 100.00 over the limit to get food stamps. I think that this is their was of population control. Just let us disabled and older people die and then they can make social security last longer. good luck to everyone that hears what i’m saying.

  • James

    Well well well…two hundred and fiddy bucks ! Oh yea man ! It really did a lot o good for me last year ! And I kid you not ! I’m a single pops wit a six year ‘ol boy…growin like an oak branch when over watered ! I needed that and it helped out ! I pray we recieve anudder ! LOL, God bless those who endorsed dat check !!!!!! Stop smokin or stop complaining ! Feed yer chillin ! Can ya imagine… some ah dem complainin gots brown stains on their fingers and their poor lil chillin are beggin fer a lil toy on fridays cause they did good in school all week and dah parents are sayin…we gotta wait ta see if we git the stimulas check in may…puff puff puff !!!! shud up ! *smiles* !!!

  • Patricia & Rion Houston

    Hello my fellow Americans, I am a 57 year old Mother who is careing for my physically and mentally challenged 24 year old daughter.I sincerly hope and pray that we will receive the $250.00,rebate again this year.True it is not nearly enough but under the circumstances what can we do other than write to the President,The Senate and our local Congressman,and continue to pray.It is very diffcult to sometimesfor me to deterime whether or not to buy food or pay the heat,electric,or buy her some shoes,I do with out for my daughter,Let’s hang in there and see what the end will be.$250.00 is not really alot but it really would help us out a lot.Has anyone heard whether or not the bill has even done to the Congress,for approval yet,so that President Obama can the sign off on it that seems to be the hold up from everything that I have read. In viewing President Obama’s state of the Union address a couple weeks ago he didn’t even mention the rebate for the people who are on Social Security and other penions. Once again we seem to have put on the back burner.The nation right about now ssems to be more concerned about the poor people of Haiti,that their own.I know that we are suppose to help those who can’t help themselves, but I firmly believe that we should take care of home first.There are people right here in America, that are homeless and just like me with no medical insurance,and no job.and have to count every dime right down to the last penny.and still don’t have enough to make ends meet.I would love to go back into the work force, but I have chronic lung diease and problems with my colon,and a very sick daughter who depends solely on me because her Dad is now deceased. Hang in there And let’s just wait and see what the future holds for us God Bless each and everyone of you! Have a wonderful day

  • patti

    Did anyone recieve their $250 stimulus check yet for 2010?

  • Are we receiving a check? I have not heard anything about it lately.

  • candy

    people who get ssi should not get 250 becouse they get medicaid they don’t have to pay no money out for medicaid the state pay’s it all . when ssd people who worked for ssd have medicare and have to pay 100.00 a mo . oh and i get ssi so im saying we should not get it it should go to people who have worked for it.

  • Anthony

    Hey FRANK!!!!! I believe that a person like yourself is so angry that you can’t see or think straight, and seems like you are blinded by $$$$ you don’t even have. It would also seem that you have to much time on your hands putting others down or just trying to make them feel bad about what the believe or don’t believe. Sounds like YOU should just go out a get a job since you seem to know everything. It’s people like YOU FRANK that the world is the way it is, rich or poor. So everybody I suppose we should thank FRANK for our troubles and be sure to PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY. FRANK, how about you MAN UP and start taking responsibility for your own life, and let others live theirs without you pathetic comments. GOODNIGHT FRANK AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!

  • Nancy

    [Update Mar 2010] Unfortunately the Democrat-controlled Senate has rejected a measure by a 50 to 47 vote that would have given seniors a one-time Social Security benefit payment
    of $250 to make up for the lack of a cost of living increase The jobs bill, which contained the $250 SSI provision, was rejected despite Obama’s backing. The payments which would amount to $13 billion, where earmarked in the jobs bill – which was deemed too costly by lawmakers trying to allay their image of big spenders.

    The badly needed Social Security payments would have helped 57 million seniors, a risky number to overlook considering the fall elections and how badly Democrats are viewed ever since the recession became a reality. Now that lawmakers have slapped seniors in the face the historical return is that this year marks the first time since 1975 that Social Security beneficiaries didn’t receive a cost of living increase. An extra payment may become a reality later this year if a new jobs bill is introduced to further extend unemployment benefits or the COLA provision in President Obama’s budget is approv

  • Steve

    i received a letter last month saying that is has been passed and i would be getting the stimulus check in about 30 days…

  • Nancy

    I’m glad to hear that.Steve!! The letter was dated this year? Now my hopes are up again. Exactly what did this letter say,if you would be so kind and let us know. Thanks.

  • Miki
  • Steve

    Yeah i dont know if im going to believe all of that considering i have a letter in writing. Nancy, i have to dig up the letter but yes i’ll post what it says when i find it, most likely no later than tomorrow i’ll be giving Social Security a call as well to confirm anything but i dont understand why anyone else hasnt done the same :(

  • Nancy

    You’re right,Steve. I think I will call them right now. Thanks in advance for posting what the letter says.

  • gina

    Would anyone rather be in Haiti right now or Africa. Be thankful for what u have. No matter how bad u think u have it there are others worst off. Even here in the good old US of A

  • loretta

    remember when hurricane katrina hit how the people were treated in our country.I feel for these people in haiti they do need help,but I feel like we should take care of our country there are starving people here i feel our country neglect.

  • Diana Harrison

    Will we be getting a stimulus check this month? I have heard conflicting stories.
    Thank you
    Diana Harrison
    P.O. Box 1319
    LaPine, OR 97739

  • Steve

    The BEST thing to do is call Social Security yourself, dont listen to ANYTHING anyone says on here. Either call the 1-800 number and speak with a rep or call your caseworker.

  • Rhadji

    My stimulus money will be used to pay federal income tax!!! I feel so stimulated.

  • I sure hope this bill was passed…I could use 250. to pay off some bills!

  • You know the goyerment is not giving us anything that is not ours. We all worked for years for our Social Security and this little extra $250.00 we’re we paid taxes all those years working and we paid dear too. I’m not saying they owe us but yet they take our money and give SS to people from Mexico who has not worked in this country , that’s why SS is broke. So yes it’s ours already 4 times over.Meds and heath care is our goverment’s fault too they could have done something to stop these drug co. a long time ago from this high cost. Let’s get real here, we barely live now to take more ….

  • Robert

    I hate to sound so ungrateful but what a laugh, a lousy $250 for the whole year. I just can’t see how that will help stimulate the US economy with that little bit of money. That amount would only buy maybe one weeks groceries or just pay a few credit card bills or help with one months rent or House payment and then you are still screwed up for the the rest of the year, unable to help the economy and you better not spend that money on anything made in China because that money will then go directly to China and that’s not going to help the US economy at all. So I believe that they should pay out a $2,500 one payment to each person that has paid into social security all of their life. After all, they gave the Banks that mismanaged their money $900 Billion Dollars and their CEO’s got $1,000,000 bonuses. Now I believe that whit 50,000,000 people on SSA with a one time payment of $2,500 to spend could really help the economy big time a lot more than the Banks will ever do.

  • Lionel Landry

    Yeah it isnt fair that we did not get a cost of living increase this year. The last time this happened was 1975. Some people think $250 is a small amount to give us … However you have to understand that it adds up to 13 billion dollars and the government isnt in the position to spend more of what they do not have. I will take it if i get it and use it wisely but if i dont get it so be it. I thank God i am an american and living here.

  • GEE


  • Miki

    I don’t really see any signs of us getting the $250. this year but if we do, I sure need it!

  • Jo-Beth Francis

    I had just contacted Social Security at their 1-800 number and the representative informed me that the President has approached congress with the bill, but it IS NOT passed yet. So, if you have gotten a letter stating that you’re going to receive your stimulus check in X amount of days, it is a lie. I’ll try to keep everyone informed.:)

  • connie

    People.. don’t you watch the news? They voted “NO” for a stimulus check months ago.. we are not getting one.

  • in case anyone has been watching the news obama has no intentions of sending any checks to ss,ssi,ssd,recipents, we have to possibly bailout fannie or freddie mac, their getting low on funds, and that would be just awful,if we get hungry enough we can always ask the president for emergency food rations, but then again that would take months for the dems to vote on,i”m sick of this administration, obama will promise anything to get a second term in office, he is ruining our country,

  • after we get a new supreme court justice we will have to help pay for her new wardrobe and a makeup job, obama is also going to give GREECE a little financial help,us poor folks surely can get by without extra money even though the price of gasoline will be $4.00 a gallon during the peak of summer, and we will also have to clean up all that nasty oil in the gulf, even though it wasn”t our fault, if there is any excuse to not give poor people and extra dime obama,pelosi,reid will dig one up.

  • jeanette mendez


  • I am 71 and sick of not being able to buy new clothes eat out i am in debt i don,t get enough money on social security. It would be nice to get a stimulus check

  • I hope we get a check i just don,t know how people can live gas is up groceries are out of sight i sure need the stimulus check

  • I know that the $250.00 is a slap in the face and very little help to any of us. We can get a few bills caught up or buy groceries. I will buy my medication But I get angry when people are complining about not being able to but their cigaretts. Maybe if you quit smoking you would have a lot more money to buy groceries, medicine, and pay bills. If you smoke 1 pack a day you are spending $187 + amonth> I could buy a lot of groceries or my medication with that money.

  • clarcie brown

    hi,does any one know if the ones on ssi, ssd, and ssecurity gets a stimulus check for 2010.

  • Cathy

    Do people who are on SSDI get a 250 check? Please let me know. Thank you.

  • janet

    congress had no qualms about voting in a raise for themselves. we should have gotten the cost of living raise, has anyone in the government been to the stores lately, of course not they do not have to worry over silly things like that they are rich. they are not fair to the people I am grateful for the 250 but it sure would have helped alot of us to have our increase in ss

  • Miki

    There will be no checks this year. 2010. None.

  • clarcie brown

    i am confused as most of us are, on thursday june 10th 2010 i received a email from washington stateing that the checks are in the mail, signed joe biden our vice president i would like to know what is up with that.did any one else get the email? please respond. clarcie brown

  • connie

    My ssdi……778.00…..400.00 house….50.00 electric with no air……no lights……50.00 sewage.to pea no tolet paper money……90.00 gas budget.if I want to stay warm..heat only.84.00 spenddown for meds….medicare 130.00 mo. annual pay 16.00……back taxes 110.00……..woops…..over my budget….and yes I worked all my life……with many injuries/illnesses now age 50 I am on ssdi……and always in the whole…….with what i have going out……..and coming in………no gas for old car alloud…drs 30 miles away……5 specialist……no money for repairs…always broke down…no money for issurance for car……illegal……..loose ssdi if do not go to drs….????????? hell shoot me

  • Miki

    Sounds like my life Connie. I’m a veteran. We try to work food in there somewhere too. New clothes? What’s that?

  • Miki

    no mail here clarcie

  • linda boggess

    will i be getting the 250 check this year cause i notice that some of my friends got theses.an i haven’t heard anything could you please let me know thank you for your time

  • Mike N

    I have also heard that some people will be getting the stimulas check starting early summer which just started. I saw a website that said we would be getting them, now if I could just find the darn thing again…We could sure use it right now….

  • James

    Without checking all of the previous posts, I am sure that this has been said before; there is no, I repeat, no stimulus check this year. Those ss people who have spent more then $2500.00, out of pocket, on prescription drugs, will get a check for $250.00. Thats it, nothing more, nothing less. Take down the stocking, Santa will not be coming.

  • Nancy

    Just heard that we are not getting an increase in our social security for 2010 because inflation is not up!!! Are they kidding? It will be announced formally on Friday. Every month that I get my cable bill it’s always higher. I guess I will not be using my furnace this year unless it gets below freezing. I’ll bet all of the leaders of our country get a cost of living raise tho. It’s just not fair and SHAME ON THEM!!!!!

  • clarcie brown

    nancy you are exactly right about the leaders, they will get their raises no matter what.

  • Nancy

    Just read in the paper today that we might get that $250.00 next year. The President will bring it up for a vote in November. I hope it gets the vote this time. It won’t go far,but I could sure use it.

  • maurice

    will i get the 250 or not

  • Nancy

    They haven’t even voted on it yet!!

  • kev101

    LoL what a TROLL you are frank.?.

  • marina

    Im disabled person I received social security. will i get the 250 dollars.

  • anniebonniville

    Will a disable person get a stimules check.

  • anniebonniville

    Oh I forgot to say thats on SSI.Thanks

  • Nancy

    Well,the vote did not go thru so we don’t get a payment this year. The rich get tax breaks and people on Social Security and Disability get screwed!! Looks like another year of ramin soup. They said that the raise we got 2 years ago was so big that it should sustain us. I wonder if we will get a raise next year?

  • Steve

    And this is exactly why we should note who our senators are so when the time comes we can vote for differently…for someone who cares about our pockets more than their own.

  • Happy

    For every person who has commented that people on SSI and(or) social security disability should just get a job and be thankfull for what we get need to educate themselves on what a disability really is. It’s not that we are not thankful for what we get but being realistic, the amount given to the average disabled person forces them to depend on someone else through no fault of our own. That not only frustrates the disabled person but also the person helping them, thus puts more stress on the disabled person. If we could work we would, people who aren’t disabled have no idea what it is like to live day in and day out with illnesses that prevent them from working. Then to say that their are services out there to help, alot of times you can’t get through to them, and they blow you off as is your wasting their time. This only frustrates the disabled person even more, and that is cruel. Truly Disabled people need all the help they can to improve their quality of life, not people constantly accusing them of being ungreatful. It’s easy for people who can move their body or in fairly good health to say just get a job, they have no idea what suffering is. But, GOD knows and he knows our heart and will send help to us as long as we stay prayed up and believe in him.

  • clarcie brown

    just a note on being disabled, being disabled is a hard situation to deal with, i am most constantly in pain which is so uncomfortable, and it ads to the pain when you have to struggly to make it, living on fixed income is most difficult, evidently thoes people that make the snide remarks dont know what pain and doing without is like, i rest my case.

  • Happy

    People without disabilities and are working are most of the time in control of their living conditions. For disabled people their isn’t even a chance for them to be in control and feel independant.
    So, for all of the people who made the comment that we(disabled people) should be greatfull for what we get from the government and that we should not expect handouts, instead they should be greatful that they have the function of their limbs and the ability to work unlike people with a disability.
    Non-disabled people usually can go on a vacation every once and while, but not a disabled person. Non-disabled people can on regular basis go and buy new clothes, but not the disabled person.
    A strong point I would like to address is that, even if the government gave each disabled person $20,000 each it wouldn’t make up for the tremendous suffering that the average person who is disabled are living with now, had living with it before and probably what I may experience for the rest of my life.

    So, before another person makes a comment on this forum saying that disabled individuals who get social security just want a check and that we can work like everyone else needs to walk a day in my shoes and you tell me if you’d be able to work once the pain kicks in and doesn’t go away no matter what you do. So, all assumptions should stop until a non-disabled person experience what we endure day in and day out.

  • Lionel Landry

    I became disabled 16 years ago. It wasn’t a choice. I made $65,000/yr then and that was a lot of money 16 years ago. I paid my taxes and added to Social Security. So do not go off telling people to go get jobs! You get nothing for money when you are disabled. In one month it averages out to a weeks pay for work people. Try living on that! We pay for our Medicare insurance which not only doesn’t pay for much it also makes doctors and hospitals give you minimum care. They do not want to treat us they do it because it is the law. I get a high amount for disability because i made so much when i worked. I get 1600/mo and that is A LOT but my rent is 900/mo, my utilities are 200/mo, my medications are 225/mo and my HEALTH Insurance(Medicare) is 96.50/mo. That leave me 178.50/mo to buy food and pay medical bills. I have bought myself and clothes in 14 years. So i get 1600/mo and because of that i am not eligible for any additional help because “i get too much money” I can not use the prescription plan from Medicare because with that my meds are $1100/mo so i buy direct from the drug companies. Most people i have me who are on disability get half of what i get a month. If you are working thank God you can, 99% of us wish we could work again but our bodies will not let us. That once percent who use the system makes us look bad. Remember we put our time in working just like you. Let us all pray you best of health so you never have to join us because we do not like this way of living.


  • clarcie brown

    i dont know mike i have not heard for sure yet, it seems we get no streigh answers on this only false hope.

  • Lionel Landry

    With the current cuts in washington and the furture cuts do not expect an increase. As for stimulus money …. The word STIMULUS is no longer a word spoken. The government stimulus days are done and over with. Based on how we get our increases (it is based on inflation not cost of living) prices will rise on everything and we will get nothing. Inflation rates will not change until real estate start selling and the market stablizes. Base on that current rate and the cuts that will come we will probably not get a yearly increase for 5 to 6 years. Get things right people. They do not care about us because we are not a large enough group to vote and make a difference. Regular working people do not care about us because … lets face it …. they are having tough times also. Yes it sucks to be in our situation and the only thing we can do is right our congressmen and senators and complain. If enough of us do this they have to respond. But stop worrying about something that we are not going to get. It just causes stress none of us need.

  • Ronald Picker

    Yep, that’s right. Folks, take a look around you. The current economic/political world is collapsing. Take a deep breath and relax.

  • Tony

    Great Coments! :) to LISA: don’t give up dear Rome wasn’t built in a day :) it was not the Dems that got us into this economy it was the previous Admin. Take the time to educate urself on this. The prev Admin in office for 8 years never refused a single spending bill … they also passed thier own expensive health care bill :) don’t hear much about that tho:( The Medicare Entitlement Bill. Then there’s the war that will cost our country trillions of dollars based on misinformation, remember those WMD’s? lol !! The prevous Admin was so awfull that thier own party fractioned into the Tea Party lol !! Can’t blame them I guess :) I would not want to be associated with that party either :)

  • Tony

    FRANK: I am with you on that one buddy :) Next time a holy roller hits you up, hit them back with this one :) What was the last thing Jesus said before parishing on the cross? According to all holy scriptures? “My Lord, My Lord why hast thou forsaken me?”. What right did Jesus have to question ? God? He is the creator … Also if Jesus went around profisizing to so many of his demise, then why would he qestion it in the end? Do not accept the answer that Jesus was human :/ because he was not like you and I :) He was supposedly the son of God, not just human? There are many marters in old times and in current times that you never hear them question why? So why did Jesus question? Was it in a way for God to tell us it’s ok to question him? FOOD FOR THOUGHT:

  • Tony

    On Topic: I think the Gov’t should just send every tax payer a treadmill or a 1 year gym membership along with a gift card that says get off ur lazy ass :) It just might be enough incentive to get us fat lazy (unhealthy) Americans to get up and loose some weight and get a good cardio work out :) Now hows that for a heath care bill/stimulis package? Also anyone on unemployment or recieving any Gov’t money should be required to go to a gym (on the gov’t dime) and work out. If you miss or don’t get ur paperwork signed off you do get your check :) Hum imagine that :) and I am a democrat lol !! So as you can c we are not all lazy and on welfare like the opposition would like u to believe lol !!

  • Happy

    I dont like to be negative, but I am very fed up with people having something negative to say about people receiving gov’t money and assuming things. I receive social security and I am speaking on behalf of all people who truly need gov’t assistance and are receiving it. Before another comment is made regarding how lazy you think we are or what you think we need to be doing, you need to think before you speak. If people would educate themselves about what it truly means for a person to be handicapped and no matter how hard they try their is no way possible they could work then you would thank your lucky stars that your not that way.
    Why isn’t anything ever said about the people who are extremely over paid for doing certain jobs and the fact that they were probably given advantages that other people aren’t given. What about the people who abuse their authority in their job and treat other people like crap and get away with it. Just because your a tax payer does not mean your an honest and good person. How would taxpayers feel if I said they don’t deserve what they get because they have no morals, wouldn’t that make you all upset. So please dont assume anything about anyone receiving gov’t money, you have no idea what people like myself and others have been through or what you think we aren’t doing.

  • Lionel

    Well said Happy. Damn i wish i could “go to the gym” I used to work out all the time. I wish i made the money i used to make having no cares in life because i could get anything i wanted. I really wish i could walk normal everyday. I wish my arms worked fully. But remember when we were not disabled? We use to think people “on the system” were mostly lazy and needed to somethiong other than sit home. So until people who speak badly about the disabled are rendered disable or one of their family members are rendered disable they will never understand. Yes there are people who use the system but the majority do not use the system. Also people who talk badly about us act like we get all kinds of money. WAKE UP! we do not get enough money. I havent bought myself clothes in 14 years. My family has to help me buy food because it is so expensive. Some time in the future i will need a heart transplant but i WILL NOT get that. Because the just tell medicare people they are to sick to do such an operation. I have seen it happen. We do not get decent medical care. We also pay for our medicare insurance the same as everyone pays for theirs. But ours sucks! But the Senate and Congress have insurance and benefits that makes them more special than the people they vote for. THATS WHATS REALLY WRONG.

  • clarcie brown

    i am disabled and wish that i wasnt. each day you have to deal with way to much when you are disabled it makes life much harder.i get so depressed, and i know that others like me are depressed allso.

  • do

    get up and go to work. you people who are not really disable. just lazy. do not fool the gov. please. if you look around in another country, there is no such ssi, fema, la chip, food stamp. income tax return or any kind of help from their gov. they will starve to death if they will be lazy. you are very fortunate that we have a very generous gov. here in u.s.a.wake up and shake those unwanted fat.

  • Opal

    People dont understand that we dont get this because we want it. We could do so much better if we could work. It really does not cover all the things a person needs. I wish I didnt have to get a check from the goverment. I liked working and being around other people. Yes I am one of those people that suffers from depression as you are.

  • clarcie brown

    to the person who wrote the snide comment on people that are disabled. no one asked for you to make remarks about people that are disabled, you should be glad that your not disabled and keep your snid remarks to yourself, something may happen to you one day to make you disabled, then you would know what its like to be disabled.

  • do

    if you read carefully,i am not talking about the real dia able. what i am talking is that those people who is not really disable who do not want to go to work. sleep ,eat smoke at anytime they want to .that is base on what i see.i appologized if i hurt your feelings. i do know a lot of people who is in gov aid .i do believed some people disable for the meantime but not for ever if they are young and strong. i am 62 years old and still working. i thank god for that. we have volunteer at work who is in whell chair selling cookies. those pretending dis able people they can work if they want to. go to wallmart. smile and greet people. that is not a hard job. god said, i gave you everything. you do the rest.

  • Marlene

    I am 79 years old, I recieve $588.00 a month social security. Can’t afford to pay for insurance, not even RX insurance. The cost of living raise was not very much but it gave us a little more money each month and over the years our check got a little bigger. I would be grateful for the $250 but would rather have had the raise. I did not get a stimulus check in 2009. Can I get it now? I don’t believe we will get one this year. I do believe that Obama hit the ground running , as soon as he was in office to do all that he can against the elderly. He does not believe that we need to live. Wonder how he will feel in a few years? Oh, that is right, he will never have our problems as he will always have his check from the government for the four years he spent in office working to ruin the U.S. He doesn’t have to worry about groceries and his wife can go on vacations and pay thousands of dollars for hotel accomadations. You people that are thnking Obama, wake up. If he is elected for another four years, this country will not see the end of that four years. As for you, Frank, read your post, you are not the greatest writer. And I pity you, for you will burn in Hell. You are a pitiful sight.
    Yes, we got Bush wacked, but Obama is ruining our world. I did not vote for Bush or Obama. All you Obama fans, I hope you wake up and see that he has done nothing but hurt our country and please don’t vote him in again.