3 Awesome Corporate Blogs Worth Reading

Some of the biggest companies in the world have been unable to get their blogging recipe just right. Then there are those that have figured out that sometimes the best sell is the soft sell. Here are three corporate blogs worth reading on a regular basis.


Visit: http://www.wegmans.com/blog/

Wegman’s blog, dubbed “Fresh Stories,” is designed to keep customers informed and engaged. What makes the blog interesting is that you get an inside look at the journey food takes before it hits supermarket shelves, and eventually your table. Everything on the website reinforces the Wegman’s brand. You can learn about products, get recipe ideas, monitor the progress of store openings, and even pick up health tips. This is all done without beating readers over the head.
The blog is updated several times a month, which might go against the blogging adage that more is better, but when it comes to a company blog, I imagine most people prefer quality over quantity; you have better things to do than check in on a daily basis.

What truly sets the blog apart is the large range of bloggers that Wegman’s use, some have been with the company for decades, others are newcomers, each delivering an interesting perspective.

A Flickr stream of photos will make you feel as if you fresh picked the produce yourself. The Wegman’s blog puts the product first in a subtle way, all while giving the reader a local market vibe. And for anyone who has ever shopped at Wegman’s, you know that this is the same approach that has made the supermarket chain so successful. Kudos to the company for getting that messaging across on their blog.


Visit: http://blogs.zappos.com/

I know, you’re so used to seeing Zappos on a “best of” list that you are getting ready to click off this story. But wait! The accolades are well deserved. As a company that puts it’s customers (and employees!) first, the Zappos blog showcases a level of transparency rarely seen on a corporate blog. One day you’ll find useful shopping tips, the next, information on the company’s amazing adoption benefits for employees. Perhaps you will hear from upper management on why they are making a change to their backend system. Or maybe you just want to know what shoes are hot this season.
The Zappos blog was born in late 2007 but really found its legs in late 2008. If you are interested in improving your company’s customer service or just want to hook yourself up with a sweet pair of kicks, the Zappos blog is worth bookmarking.


Visit: http://blog.fedex.designcdt.com/

FedEx has a tremendous global reach, but the company is about more than just package delivery….and they want the world to know it. The FedEx corporate blog does that, dishing out small business best practices, a look inside of the company’s logistics, and even an eco-friendly section that is designed to make the company, and the world, a little more green. Team member stories make up a portion of the blog. Rather than read as overly-edited company fluff pieces, the stories have depth; character. FedEx’s philanthropic efforts get the spotlight center stage.

Overall the blog is professional and polished, but has just enough voice to make you feel as if you are reading an informal blog.

Which corporate blogs do you read on a regular basis — and what about them do you love?

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