4 crying babies on a JetBlue flight earned every passenger a free trip

JetBlue FlyBabies

Four babies were recently crying on a JetBlue flight and the company gave every single passenger a free flight.

“People smile at babies everywhere, except on planes,” said Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue’s director brand management and advertising (and a mother of a toddler). “For Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge how moms (indeed all parents and caregivers) often feel stressed while traveling with children.”

The free trip was part of the company’s “FlyBabies” promotion on April 15 on a flight from New York City’s JFK airport to Long Beach, California. The company told passengers they would be awarded a 25% discount on future airfare every time a baby onboard cried.

With five babies on a seven hour flight there was a great chance at least a few would cry. Fussing didn’t count.

There were 140 passengers on the flight and right before descent four babies started to cry.

Passengers were actually helpful to the parents with crying babies according to JetBlue spokesperson Morgan Johnston.

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“We weren’t necessarily sure what to expect from folks on board, it was interesting to watch. We started seeing people really want to entertain the kids and make it a comfortable environment on board.”

The airline said the goal of “FlyBabies” was to address a topic that people usually ignore talkinga bout.

“We’ve had this ongoing mission to inspire some humanity, and we thought this was something we cold weigh in on,” said Johnston.

A video from the flight has been posted online. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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