$5 Computer Sells Out In One Day But More Are On The Way

Raspberry Pi Zero for 5 Dollars - Sells Out

The Raspberry Pi Zero has sold out in one day.

The Zero is $30 cheaper than its original Raspberry Pi model which started selling in 2012. It’s also $4 less expensive than the CHIP which raised $2 million on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Raspberry Pi also gave away 10,000 devices for free with a copy of its December magazine, The MagPi.

The non-profit that builds the Raspberry Pi devices says more zero’s are on the way, although it will be a “long time” before the company can keep up with demand.

The Raspberry Pi is an educational tool targeted at children and adults who want to learn about computers, but can’t afford a more expensive model. The computers are simple motherboards that can be used to power roboerts and connect devices.

All profits from the sale of the devices go right back into free learning resources, training teachers, and running code clubs that get kids involved with computer.

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To take advantage of the Raspberry Pi, users must add their own monitor, keyboard, power source and data storage, via a micro-SD card slot.

The Raspberry Pi Zero features a 1-gigahertz processor and 512 megabytes of RAM. There is even a mini-HDMI socket so you can play HD videos.

It runs a specialized version of Linux called Raspbian, and it features applications that teach coding skills — such as Minecraft, Scratch and Sonic Pi.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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