Massive Hack Steals 5.6 Million Fingerprints From Government Workers

fingerprint hack

5.6 million fingerprints belonging to US government workers were stolen in a massive hack that targeted the Defense Department and other US government employees.

According to Fox Business, the additional stolen fingerprint records were identified as part of an ongoing analysis of the data breach by the Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Defense.

The hack was first discovered in Spring 2014, although analysts at the time believed only 1.1 million fingerprints were stolen. At the time of the breach, officials said the hack dated back several years.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting the US this week and he is expected to hold talks with¬†President Barack Obama about cybersecurity. Obama recently called China’s hacks “an act of aggression that has to stop.”

The records breach affects 21.5 million federal workers. An investigation is still underway.

During a recent press event the OPM said officials¬†“identified archived records containing additional fingerprint data not previously analyzed.”

OPM said the total number of people affected by the breach was still believed to be 21.5 million.

“An interagency working group with expertise in this area … will review the potential ways adversaries could misuse fingerprint data now and in the future,” it said.

“If, in the future, new means are developed to misuse the fingerprint data, the government will provide additional information to individuals whose fingerprints may have been stolen in this breach,” OPM said.


Individuals affected by the breach have not been identified publicly.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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