6 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Everyone wants to jump in on a “get rich quick” scheme that will earn them thousands with little to no effort — who wants to slave tirelessly for years before reaping the benefits? Jacuzzis and jet skis are a lot less exciting when you’re a senior citizen with heart problems. And let’s be realistic about the “quickness” of those tantalizing scams: becoming an overnight millionaire is probably never going to happen. But the next best thing may be utilizing some “get at least some money for little to no effort” options. Here are six ways to make money on the side without sacrificing your free time.

Your Car as a Billboard



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Everyone’s seen those ridiculous cars with advertisements plastered all over them. Now you can be “that guy,” too! With the help of websites like Sign Rider, Adz in Motion, or Free Car, you can get paid just for driving your own car around. Some companies (namely Free Car) are even giving away vehicles for free. The only catch is that the vehicle must remain covered in these advertisements for the duration of your contract — whether it be a fake can of giant Red Bull on the top or logos running down the side. The only downside to this is that the advertisements will make the car owner’s vehicle incredibly noticeable — which can be bad if you’re trying to escape from the police, avoid becoming an easy target for vandalism, or slip away from a crappy date unnoticed.




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If you already use services like Yelp and Google Reviews, why not make some extra cash talking about your most and least favorite businesses? There are multiple online services which will pay you to review just about anything. Review Me is one of the most popular cash-for-reviews site, but these kinds of offers can occasionally be found on Craigslist as well.

While the reviews don’t pay phenomenally well (between $1-$20 per review depending on the site and review), doing this during your lunch break at work can at least make your meal free — and that adds up by the end of the week.

Offer Your “Services”



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It’s not what you think. Fiverr is a service that allows people to offer a service — whether it be painting, providing a second language lesson via Skype, or posting someone’s ad on your blog — for $5 each. Some of the offers are a little weird (and by weird I mean ‘undesireable’), such as paying $5 to receive a handwritten letter or a link to a video of a staring contest, but others are quite appealing. The more useful offers range from advertising (taking 5 HD pictures of your logo/message, making a viral video of the subject speaking your message in a funny accent and outfit) to gifts (speed painting, getting your face turned into a sticker).

Offer whatever you want! Almost any skill can be exploited with the use of this website and is perfect for those who already enjoy painting, playing guitar, making crafts, or just maintaining a website where ads can be posted. You can also make a request, or search requests to meet the needs of others.

Subletting Your Living Space



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The idea of letting a stranger stay in your home might be a little scary and uncomfortable at first, but it’s easier to warm up to once you realize that not everyone is a maniacal killer who’s out to get you. As supported by the success of Airbnb, subletting can be a safe (and even fun) way to earn extra cash. The website works somewhat like the Craigslist housing section, only with less frightening unknowns. Airbnb makes subletting (or renting out an extra room in your house for a week, a month, or just a few days) safer by:

– Requiring user profiles for each renter, allowing you to learn about your guest before approving them.
– Requiring payment through the Airbnb website itself, ensuring timely payments
– Displaying reviews

They’ll also send a professional photographer to your place — for free. This option is great for those who want to make some of their vacation cash splurge back (whilst vacationing, thank you very much), or just don’t mind entertaining a temporary roommate for a few months.

Become a Mystery Shopper



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This is mostly for those who already enjoy shopping and/or dining out. While this is still an option for everyone else, it can take some free time away from those who don’t care for either of those activities.

That being said, getting paid to shop (and later complain about the grimy cashier who gave you .98 in change because you didn’t have an extra 2 cents) is truly awesome. The pay isn’t phenomenal (typically between $12-25 per assignment), mystery shoppers are compensated for purchases made during their assigned shopping trip.

After signing up for a site like the Mystery Shopping Providers Association or Secret Shopper, the new MS can apply for various assignments online. Once approved, you’re basically getting paid to have free meals or acquire free retail items at the store in question. As always, be wary of scams — they’re supposed to be paying you, not the other way around. Don’t sign up for anything that requires you to pay a fee.

Selling Eggs or Sperm



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If you smoke weed or take medication, this is either not for you or can be very time consuming since all drugs must be out of your system for you to participate in a sperm or egg donor program.

For men, this process is easy. Enter the clinic up to once a week, milk some potential babies into a cup, and leave with anywhere between $50-$100. For women, it is slightly time consuming — but the giant paycheck can make the work and wait worth it.

Females must undergo medicinal injections everyday, but those can be administered from home and take only moments out of the donor’s time. There are a few steps to the medication process, but occasional visits to the doctor are all it takes to advance to the next stage, which is admittedly the hardest. At the final stage, the doctor administers anesthesia to the patient before removing the eggs. This may seem difficult and time consuming, but in reality only lasts a few months and can leave the donor with up to $15,000 for her time and troubles. Besides, you’ll be helping a couple conceive.