6,000 flights have been canceled, here’s what you need to know

Winter storm 2016 flight cancellations

As blizzards prepare to batter the East Coast of the US this weekend, major airlines are starting to cancel thousands of flights.

According to the airline-tracking service FlightAware, airlines have canceled more than 6,000 flights both domestically and internationally.

Roughly 3,000 flights were canceled Friday and the same number are canceled for Saturday.

The airports hit by the cancellations so far are in the  Mid-Atlantic region, with Charlotte and the Washington, DC, area airports suffering the biggest number of cancellations.

The cancellations have created a backlog of issues expanding to Atlanta, Chicago, and other hubs across the United States.

Many airlines are offering to cancel flights or change travel plans for free. Here’s what you need to know.

Delta Air Lines:

Delta Airlines - Cancellations

Delta has offered to refund tickets for passengers whose flights are significantly delayed or canceled as a result of the winter weather. You can also make a one-time change to your arrangements for free.

To qualify, passengers must be ticketed to travel between the dates of January 22-24 with tickets reissued on or before January 27 for travel no later than January 27.

Click here for the latest information from Delta Air Lines.

American Airlines:

American Airlines - Winter Storm 2016 cancellations

American Airlines and American Eagle are offering a one-time change at no fee. Passengers must be ticketed to fly between January 22-24 with tickets originally purchased before January 21st.

You must book into the same class and keep your same destination in order to avoid fees.

Click here for the latest information from American Airlines.

United Airlines:

United Airlines - 2016 Winter storm cancellations

United Airlines may allow fliers to switch to a different flight without paying a change fee. Travelers who quality must be ticketed between the dates of January 22-25.

The airline will waive the change fee and difference in airfare for new flights departing between now and January 29. Again you must be traveling to the same city and choose a seat in the same class.

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JetBlue cancellations

JetBlue will waive change fees and the difference in airfare for passengers traveling into, out of or through cities affected by the blizzard. Qualified dates of travel are between January 22 and January 29. Customers can also opt for a full refund.

Click here for the latest information from JetBlue.

Other airlines may be offering similar flight arrangements. We recommend calling your travel provider or visiting their website for further information.

Written by John Howard

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