7 Necessary iPad Apps for Web Developers

Almost every professional field is going mobile, and web development is no exception. We’re not simply referring to the ability to work from a laptop, either; with the impressive assortment of applications available on the iPad, a web developer can work from anywhere, at any time. Of course, the key to this is finding the right utility to get the job done. Here are seven absolutely mandatory iPad apps for web developers.

1. “Things” for iPad

Having the right platform to organize all your tasks and to-do items is a must. “Things” for iPad lets users easily create notes, lists, schedules, and projects, managing due dates, details, and more. Better yet, those who aren’t planning on working exclusively on the iPad can synchronize their Things data between as many work platforms as they choose to use.

2. Desktop Connect

Sometimes, the resources found on your desktop system are necessary to get a job done. Even then, the iPad can take care of your needs through Desktop Connect, a desktop viewer that gives you access to your Windows, Mac, or Linux system. The app automatically discovers other systems on the local network, and is compatible with several major desktop sharing utilities, including VNC and RDP.

3. Markup

Think of Markup as “Dreamweaver light” for your iPad. It allows you to connect to your website server, download all text-based files (HTML, CSS, PHP, and so forth), modify them to your heart’s content, preview them locally, and publish them when you’re ready.

4. Gusto

Most web developers are waiting eagerly for an iPad iteration of FileZilla. Until that popular FTP program makes its way to the world of tablets, Gusto provides a solid alternative. Gusto allows users to download multiple files or folders from their site simultaneously, tabbed browsing of server-based documents, and a powerful built-in FTP client for easy file manipulation.

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5. SketchBook Pro

Autodesk’s SketchBook features layered image creation with blending modes, transparency features, a library of templates, the ability to output to video, and much more. Those more used to the resource of the Adobe Creative Suite will certainly face a learning curve but, once on the other side, will be able to complete the majority of tasks usually dedicated to Photoshop or Illustrator.

6. Penultimate

Use your tablet as a versatile and powerful note taking and sketching program on the go. With Penultimate,You can easily make quick notes, draw sketches, or otherwise use the tablet as if it were a notepad with limitless pages and an organization system that pen-and-paper tools could never match.

7. Ego for iPad

Once your project is complete, tweaking is the key to success; however, to tweak appropriately you need to get the right sort of feedback. Ego allows you to quickly review the nit-picky details of your Analytics web statistics, check out who’s referring people to you, see your mentions on Twitter, and much more.

With powerful tools like these, the iPad is a perfect tool for any on-the-go developer. As the technology continues to advance, the iPad is poised to cover every possible utility currently available on any computer system.