700 Locations on Post Office Closure List


As part of a consolidation effort, the US Post Office is considering closing or scaling down up to 700 locations. The full post office closure list is here. The San Francisco Chronicle has more:

Postal officials released Monday a list of nearly 700 post offices in metropolitan areas that are being eyed for potential closure or consolidation by the independent Postal Regulatory Commission. Some could be closed entirely while others might remain open but provide only limited services, according to postal officials.

“The Postal Service is not doing well financially with the dramatic decrease in mail volume,” said spokesman James Wigdel. “We’ve consolidated operations in our processing plants; now we’re looking at consolidating (post offices) in metropolitan areas.”

After the closures, it would be nice to see wait times and customer service improved in the remaining post offices. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the government and Postal Worker’s Union think that way.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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