8 companies with the best parental leave policies in America

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Parental Leave Policy

Paid maternity and paternity leave is a big issue these days. As more parents scramble to spend time with their newborn children, and companies attempt to lure the best talent possible in a job seekers market, parental leave policies have become more generous.

While most companies in the United States still fail to offer maternity and paternity leave, some firms have stepped up to offer generous packages that even rival some very high European standards.

To qualify for our list, each company listed must have maternal (mother) and paternal (father) leave policies that include full pay during time off.

Here are 8 companies that offer the best parental leave policies in America.

1. Netflix 


Who qualifies: Both parents.

Length: Up to one full year after a birth or adoption.

Netflix is renowned for the most generous parental leave policy in America.

Employees continue to be paid as normal and can take off as much time as they would like in the first year following their child’s birth.

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Netflix’s policy only applies to “salaried streaming employees,” which leaves out about 400 to 500 of the company’s full time and part time workers. 

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Written by Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson

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