8 Mistakes Men Don’t Make


I saw two amazing women speak this week about mistakes that men don’t make.  They presented eight ways that women sabotage their own credibility and results in their business and personal lives. I wish I could recommend a book on the subject by Carol Spieckerman and Lisa Carver, but they’re too busy in being retail experts. They wrote Ready, Set, Whoa! Are You Really Ready for Retailers that leads new vendors through a series of questions to determine if they are ready to meet with retailers.

I’m no retailer, but as Spieckerman and Carver reminded me yesterday, we’re all in sales.

This is going to be a series based on eight mistakes women make. Here’s the short list:

1. Seeking Validation

2. Hoping for the Best

3. Avoiding Confrontation

4. Resisting Duality (this one’s very interesting….)

5. Blending In

6. Diminishing

7. Making It Personal

8. Taking It Personal

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing what I learned and some examples from my own failures (and successes). I hope you’ll join in the conversations. And guys, while these mistakes are made more often by women, you’re not immune. I promise if you come back with an open mind you’ll learn something too!

Image Credit: Truth Went Trendy