8 of the World’s Most Unusual Jobs (June 15-20)

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Unemployed? Jaded on traditional jobs? The world of job boards offers some bizarre alternatives for gig-searchers. Here are this week’s best:

1. India: Looking for QC Welders to Work in Saudi Arabia

Hey, we are looking for qc welders to work in companies in Saudi Arabia, these are the conditions:
1-2 years contract. Daily wok (sic) 10 hours or more overtime (1 by 1.5). Salery of 5000 Riyals in the first year. (USD $1,342)

When you arrive to Saudi Arabia we will provide you a place to stay in including meals, and we will pay for your medical examination plus getting you the necessary papers to work legaly in Saudi Arabia.

You will stay in a boarding house and work your buns off in searing desert heat. We will pay you little by Western standards, but a wage better than what you can get at home in India. You will rise early, weld, be very, very hot, sleep, and repeat.

2. Ireland: Decoy Agent

We are currently looking for persons to act as a decoy agent for a direct mailing company. The work is simply to date stamp mail that we send to you and then to return it to us once a month. The pay for this job is 50 EUR per month.

Apparently, a decoy agent receives and time-stamps mail to help companies ensure their direct marketing pieces arrive intact and in good condition. EUR50 per month to get even more junk mail in your mailbox. I wouldn’t do it.

3. SF Bay Area: GOT GOOD GENES?? Why Not Share?!

The Sperm Bank of California is looking for healthy men to become PAID SPERM DONORS. You can earn up to $1000/month, and help others create the loving families they dream of. Becoming a sperm donor means making a commitment to donate 1-3 times a week for 6-12 months. If you are accepted as a donor, you are paid $85-$100 for every usable sample you provide.

That’s a potential $300/week. If you do it for six months, you can make more than $7,000 for taking long, involved lunch breaks—assuming all your goods meet their standards.

* This is a part-time job.
(I sure hope so.)

4. Oakland: Crematory Operator

Our world class state of the art crematory needs another operator to join our top notch team of death care professionals. This is a demanding job that requires an active person able to easily lift 50lbs with no trouble.

You will work 40 hours a week on our day shift inside the facility and drive our company vehicle as part of your daily job. Hours are typically Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Burning corpses for a living makes even full-time blogging look tame.

5. Lincoln, NE: Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming a Postal Work

Government Postal work can be most rewarding (for whom?) but involves many steps in becoming an employee of the USPS. There are positions available right now from Letter Carriers to Development Personnel at the U.S.P.S..

Applicants for most mail processing type jobs must take an exam. Exam information, position requirements, and job requirements are posted online for each position. Exam registration is available by phone or online in most cases. A passing score of 70 on?exams is expected.

* Compensation: TBD
* Telecommuting is ok.

The language in this ad is just so strange that I had to post it. First of all, becoming postal work—don’t you do that every time you send a letter? Also, Telecommuting is OK: I’d like to see that put into action.

6. New York: Oyster Shocker

Need a person for a privet dinner party 100 oysters about 1 hour from 7:30 PM to 8:30 Previous experience preferable but not necessary $30 plus tip

So you bash the oysters on a table, scare the heck out of them, and put them back on ice. Right?

7. Golden, Colorado: Old West Gunfighters

Looking for gunslingers to recreate the Shootout at the OK Corral for large annual event in Golden, Colorado, next month. Also – think you’re fast on the draw? Prove it at the Fast Draw Competition at same event.

Gunslingers live! I wonder how people get good at it in this day and age?

8. Denver, CO: Patchmaker Needed

I need a cusom (sic) patch made for a back pack. Embroidery or high quality screen print. I can’t get it made anywhere because the message has the “f” word in it. So, if you don’t mind a little swear word and you’d like to do this send me an e-mail with an idea of how much you’ll charge for supplies, labor.

Wonder what the f* the patch says?

  • Wow, I think I’ll bookmark this list. Whenever I’m tired of my job it will help me remember how good I have it!

  • I thought blogging full time was burning corpses!

  • Rob

    Wow, those are awesome. Had me laughing out loud at a few of them. I especially liked the USPS one. Sorry, but it just screams that working for an organization that puts out ads like that is going to be a disaster.

    Sperm donor, LOL!!! Where was that on career day back in school?

  • bob


  • These are the worst jobs anyone will do, yet amazing, specially the one about the oyesters.

  • Lady Di

    It is a shame that the only jobs that are “hot” are jobs that seem to use people either as fools. Wow! If you have a decent job, please pray that the Lord will allow you to keep it. Don’t forget to give your tithes and offerings from your salary. And mind your business at your job, do your full hours and get the heck out of dodge at the end of your work day. I don’t know about these “other jobs” Wow People! But there is a job for ever individual, but this one is not for me.

  • Daisy

    The Oyster job is just opening oysters – should be oyster shucker, but “shocker” leaves so much more to the imagination :) (No I’ve never done this; ick) [How would you shock an oyster anyway? Bad language? Show it a naked oyster or one that walks around the beach with a skimpy shell?]

  • ghostwriter56

    Gee, I had one of those jobs, Crematory Operator, not a bad job, too bad I got laid off, I was alos custodian, driver, data entry, dog bather, house cleaner, booze buyer, whatever the boss needed. Got laid off in Feb, said they needed to cut the budget!

  • Brian

    Surely you jest. Real cute, but I need a real job that pays regularly and has fringe benefits. My sense of humor has delined in inverse proportion to the time I have been unemployed.

  • Cora

    Huh. Being a gunslinger actually isn’t a bad job. I do that on the weekends in the summer (minus the gun)…..you do need a very good working knowledge of history of the American West as NOT told by Hollywood, though (i.e. cowboy era in the 1880s-1900, wagon trains until the 1840s, etc.). Additionally, a hefty background in anthropology is nice for that. Basically, it’s a historical re-enactment job.