9 Disgusting Ingredients Food Companies Use Regularly And You Probably Eat Them All

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Disgusting Food Additives You Eat Everyday

Unless you grow and raise your own food, there is a very good chance that you eat some ingredients made out of purely disgusting natural and man-made items. After reading a few of these weird and disgusting ingredients, I’m pretty sure I won’t be consuming many of them in the future when I can avoid it.

Before you dive into our list and determine which foods to avoid, just keep in mind that these products are FDA-approved. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe or even good for you, just that tests were conducted and study results were reported for each item on this list.

You might decide to side with the FDA, as I have many times before, but you might also decided that eating Beaver urine is just a little to disgusting to stomach.

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Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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