10 Schools with the Most Billionaire Undergrad Alumni

The number of billionaires keeps increasing each year and certain colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning keep coming out on top for the most millionaire alumni. Here are our candidates for the top 10 institutions of higher learning by number of living billionaire undergrad alumni.

To create our ranking, we started with the Forbes Billionaires list (retrieved early May 2015), filtered out anyone who either did not have educational info available or were marked as having dropped out. The result was a list of institutions where the remaining billionaires had completed any undergraduate degree. Graduate degree schools were not included in the ranking. (As a JD/ Juris Doctor/ Doctor of Jurisprudence is considered a professional doctorate in the U.S., such entries were filtered out as well.)

Here is our top ten list. See the slideshow for more details. Any reference to billionaire/ living billionaires/ alumni billionaire here refers only to those alumni who received any undergraduate degree at a particular school. Each school may have other billionaire alumni who received a master’s or doctorate degree.

The list below is the same ten institutions arranged in descending order of total net worth of their undergrad alumni billionaires.

  1. University of Pennsylvania: 23 billionaires, total net worth $124.45B
  2. Harvard University: 24 billionaires, total net worth $118.95B
  3. Yale University: 17 billionaires, total net worth $117.2B
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 10 billionaires, total net worth $116.95B
  5. Princeton University: 11 billionaires, total net worth $83.55B
  6. Dartmouth College: 9 billionaires, total net worth $54.2B
  7. Stanford University: 12 billionaires, total net worth $49.3B
  8. Cornell University: 14 billionaires, total net worth $35.7B
  9. University of Southern California: 13 billionaires, total net worth $34.8B
  10. Bombay University: 11 billionaires, total net worth $28.05B

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