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  • Businesspedia

    Introducing the Business Pundit Encyclopedia…Businesspedia. Here, we define business terms in a way that you can understand. We come at our terms from an insider’s perspective, so you’ll learn things that the average definition might not tell you. Encyclopedia Categories Latest Updates

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average – A BusinessPedia Entry

    Note to BusinessPedia readers: A couple of weeks ago, I said I was going to do a BusinessPedia entry on the bailout plan. Well, that’s when I thought I knew what it was. Turns out that a bailout plan on paper is far different from a bailout plan in action. I’m going to wait for […]

  • Introducing: BusinessPedia

    The current confusion about financial markets, the definition of capitalism, and the viability of the United States as a nation has inspired Business Pundit to come up with a new series. BusinessPedia gobbles up complex business terminology and spits it back out in language a farmer could understand. It’s jargon-free reading at its finest. Check […]