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  • Kim Kardashian net worth: How she went from reality TV to super rich

    Kim Kardashian West is an American reality television star, model and spokesperson whose net worth just keeps on rising over the years and currently stands at a whopping $85 million. Besides her hit reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, Kim has a vast business portfolio that spans everything from video games to how-to-selife books. Throughout […]

  • Virgin America

    15 times billionaire Richard Branson failed at business

    Billionaire Richard Branson has started over 100 businesses since he was 16. Almost all of them were successful, but to date, at least 15 have failed. It’s not surprising that some of Brandon’s businesses failed. After all, the billionaire has always thought big and says that he lost count of the number of times he […]

  • Joseph Safra

    The world’s richest banker Joseph Safra has been charged with corruption

    Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday charged Joseph Safra, the world’s richest banker, with a scheme aimed at paying bribes to government officials in return for waiving tax debts. Prosecutors say Safra had knowledge of a 2014 plan executed by executives at his BancoSafra SA to pay $4.2 million in brides to federal tax auditors. Prosecutors will present […]

  • Mark Cuban and the wealthiest American sports team owners.

    Meet the 24 richest American sports team owners

    If you want to own a major league sports team in the United States you better be prepared to fork over hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees are both valued at $3.2 billion according to Forbes. Dozens of other sports teams are worth more than $500 million […]

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Wealth

    Mark Zuckerberg is now the world’s fifth richest person

    Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth is increasing very quickly. On Tuesday, Facebook shares continued to push upwards, allowing Zuckerberg to pass Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and become the fifth richest person in the world. His new wealth placement arrives less than a week after he passed Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison as the world’s six richest person. Zuckerberg […]

  • Wang Jianlin

    China’s richest man buys a major Hollywood studio

    Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin has purchased Hollywood studio Legendary Entertainment. The studio’s recent box office hits include “Jurassic World” and “Interstellar.” Wang is best known in the US for his 2012 purchase of cinema chain AMC. Wang is the owner of Dalian Wanda Group, which acquired Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion. Other movies from the […]

  • Richard Branson and Paris Attacks

    Richard Branson Is Asking For U.S. Government ‘Tolerance’ Following Paris Attacks

    Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson on Tuesday said, “Openness and tolerance are our strongest forces.” In addressing a group of U.S. governors, Branson pled with some of the country’s leaders to allow Syrian refugees into their states’ borders. A group of governor’s had said days earlier that they would deny Syrian refugees following the attacks […]

  • Jeff Bezos Wealth Increases by 5 billion dollars

    Jeff Bezos Is Now The 3rd Richest Billionaire In The United States

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the third-richest man in the United States according to Forbes. On Thursday, Amazon shocked investors by announcing a $78 million profit for the third-quarter. Investors immediately rewarded the company by sending stock soaring 10% to an all-time high. Bezos is the third richest person in the United States and fifth […]

  • JPMorgan Chase CEO would pay more taxes without question

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Welcomes A Higher Tax Rate On The Rich

    Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, told NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ that he would have no problem paying a higher tax rate. During his appearance, the billionaire, who earned $20 million last year, said, “If you said to me, ‘Would you pay 10% more?’ I would have no problem with that.” Currently, the maximum tax rate […]

  • 200 Richest People In America And Their Search And Social Media Equity

    With an amazing amount of wealth and influence, you might expect that America’s most elite millionaires and billionaires own the search terms relating to their name and businesses. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, Google, Twitter, and other tech-based platforms have proven repeatedly that money won’t necessarily buy you internet search equity. […]

  • Ross Ulbricht and The Silk Road Appeal

    Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Appeals Life In Prison Sentence

    Convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was sentenced this past week to  life in prison for running the online drug marketplace that brought in more than $200 million in sales. Ulbricht’s defense has filed papers to overturn the length of his sentence. Ulbricht’s defense filed the appeal for both the life sentence and the original conviction […]

  • 10 American Politicians Who Are Stinking Rich

    If the American Dream is to be believed, anyone can be president. But can anyone be a politician? A successful politician needs to communicate with his or her electorate, sympathizing with their concerns. Yet how possible is this when the difference in lifestyle and income between the average voter and the average politician is so […]