A bank is spending $5 million on a Super Bowl ad to talk about financial stress

Sun Trust Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl ads are known for being flashy and even crazy at times. At least one Super Bowl ad this year will be a bit more focused and even dive into a touchy subject — personal finances.

Sun Trust bank has agreed to take out a Super Bowl 50 ad to air on February 7 that focuses on its goal to  “help Americans talk openly about money,” according to a SunTrust press release.

CBS said in August that 30-second ad spots were selling for a record $5 million.

“We’re investing in this ad because the Super Bowl is a unique and proven forum to launch a national conversation. We want to be the spark that motivates people to take action, and give them tools and access to information to move closer to financial confidence,” CEO William H. Rogers Jr. said in a statement.

SunTrust says 75% of Americans are under pressure when it comes to their money and the bank wants to treat that obstacle as a “significant social concern.”

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CBS is also streaming ads online a few seconds after they air on national television, which means at least Sun Trust will have an even bigger audience for the massive amount of money the bank is paying to air the nationally televised commercial spot.