A Business Lesson, From Perspectives on the Green Debate

Is environmentalism being driven by urban dwellers?

"Forests in and around cities are disproportionately important," he said. "They colour the view that city dwellers have on the natural world as more people live in cities, they set the agenda."

This was particularly evident in the US, he said, where states in the mid-West are currently suffering from what he termed a "plague of deer".

Culling the deer was unpalatable to urban voters so the animals had been allowed to expand beyond their natural populations, Sir Peter argued.

"Many of the ecological processes that sustained forests in the past… no longer function at all."

He gave one example as being forest fires in North America that are routinely extinguished, despite being natural events that are needed to create new growth.

People that say there aren't enough trees in the world need to come visit Kentucky.

The lesson here? Perspective changes everything. Not just in environmental issues, but in business issues as well. Don't take the path of convenience. Try to see what you are missing.