A ChangeThis Manifesto that is… WOW!

Love him or hate (and you will do one or the other after you read this), Tom Peters has written a wild manifesto for the latest round of ChangeThis. I just got around to reading it today. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

They say we need "happy customers."
I say "give me pushy, needy, nasty, provocative customers who will drag me down Innovation Boulevard at 100MPH."

They say they want recruits with "spotless records."
I say "the spots are what matter most."

They say "order is the necessary precursor to measured, sustainable success."
I say "Disorder is the precursor to Opportunistic Sorties, Market Creation, Quantum Leaps, and Entrepreneurial Adventure."

Is it wisdom or BS? Time will tell. One thing is for sure though, Tom can get you pumped up about business.

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