A Company Is Known By The People It Keeps

That is the motto of talentkeepers, an interesting company focused on helping firms retain talent. Honestly, I'm surprised they can stay in business. Most companies have an employee retention policy that works like this:

1. Employee quits
2. Firm offers more money
3. Employee stays on for a little longer, but realizes the extra money doesn't make up for the poor work environment.
4. Employee quits again.
5. Company offers more money.
6. Employee refuses.
7. Company thinks either 1)the problem is with the employee or 2)they didn't offer enough money.
8. Company doesn't change because that requires hard work and an honest look at the facts, so the process starts all over at step 1.

Most companies don't try that hard to keep talent. If anyone is hiring and listening to TalentKeepers, they must be open-minded innovative businesses.

Knowledge work should not be modeled after manufacturing work. Too many managers still don't get that.

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