A Donald Trump effigy was burned in Mexico City for Easter

Donald Trump effigy

There’s a tradition in Mexico City where effigy’s of unliked demon creatures and unlikable humans are burned on Easter. This year a large Donald Trump effigy was added to that list.

The Donald Trump effigy was created by 52-year-old artist Leonardo Linares who explained “For Latinos here and in the U.S., he’s a danger, a real threat…He’s a good man to burn as a Judas.”

The idea behind the ‘Judas effigy’ is to symbolize the destruction of evil. Essentially the artist was comparing Trump with literal devils, demons, and horrible humans from the past like Osama bin Laden.

Trump has not been popular with the Mexican population ever since he called them rapists and murderers, and then promised to build a wall to isolate the United States from Mexico.

We can’t just focus on Trump, there was also a Barack Obama effigy that featured a Cuban flag and cigar.

Here’s the Donald Trump effigy burning.

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Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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