A New Consumer Electronics Business Model

This could be really good for consumers.

Gerard Kleisterlee, chief executive officer of Royal Philips Electronics, called for changes to consumer electronics business models in a keynote speech delivered at the International Funkaustellung (IFA) consumer electronics exhibition.
Kleisterlee suggested a three-pronged approach: increasing the pace of innovation; changing the current organizational structure of consumer electronics companies from one focused on product development and manufacturing to a more flexible model that emphasizes sales, marketing and cooperative competition; and making use of alliances and partnerships to meet consumer needs.

"We need fundamental change to the business model if we are to take our industry forward into a new growth era," Kleisterlee said.

I think too many businesses don't change their business model as the market changes. Of course, I also tend to favor change for it's own sake, so I sometimes jump on the change bandwagon only to fall back off when it dies out (for the record though – I never thought the dot commers would put the "old school" companies out of business). Let's just hope that when Kleisterlee says "cooperative competition" he means cooperating on industry standards, and not price collusion.