A New Job Boom?

Despite all the recent talk about outsourcing white collar jobs, Business 2.0 claims that we are heading towards another job boom (reg. required to read more than the first page). I've read this elsewhere too, but didn't blog it at the time. It seems that with all the baby boomers beginning to retire the labor market will be significantly squeezed, leading to a late 90s style job boom. I came out of school during the boom and it is amazing how much difference timing makes. I had my first job offer 8 months before graduation (with a a signing bonus), and I had a 3.6 GPA – from the University of KY – a public school not known for it's MBA program. Now MBAs with a 3.9 from a top school can't even find jobs. Crazy. I'd love to see those days come back though. My salary back then was going up 20+% a year – now it's like 3%, and I'm probably much more productive than I used to be.